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    Default Wifi in rooms + Skype

    Hi everyone... we are headed to CSS later this month (25 days... who's counting???) and wanted to know more about the wifi in the guest rooms from anyone who has been recently? Is it quick enough to run Skype with a decent picture back and forth? We were at CSS five years ago and came home to a $400 phone bill... don't want that again! With a couple little ones we will need to be on the phone a few times - Skype would be best. Any help or advice would be great!

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    I don't know about using the computer, but I used Skype on my I-phone everynight from my balcony everynight. We were in G. It was much more difficult to connect on the beach. I cant tell you about video on computer we did not use it. I just bought Skype credit. I still have enough to use later this month when we go to CN.

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    We were there in January and used Skype and internet pretty much everywhere on the property (pool, lawn, balcony). Nice and FREE. Hopefully CTI has the same set-up as we'll be there in February...


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    With 2 lil ones at home we skyped every night. I walked all over the resort with our laptop and asked the staff say hi. Our girls loved that!

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    We skyped from our balcony in G block every evening when we were at CSS 2 years ago. Last year we skyped form our balcony at CN, and in 76 days, 17 hours and 50 minutes we'll be heading back to CSA - i bet I'll skype from my balcony there too!

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    Awesome!!! Thank you everyone for the information. Only 15 more days for us!

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    We used Skype at CN and it was fine. We actually gave my wifes sister a tour of the resort while carrying the netbook around.

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    Default voice worked fine

    Voice communication works fine on the wifi but video calls are quite choppy and a bit flakey. We made most of our calls during the daily 2pm to 2:45pm rain. The wifi seemed to get a bit flakey after dark when the system admin was off property.

    CN July 12-19

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    WIFI @ CSA works great, got full signal everywhere I went. We bring a laptop to skype with the kids, works perfectly. I am thinking of traveling Ipad only this year.

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