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    Does anyone have experience with spray on tans? We are debating weather to get one before we leave, as parts of us have never seen the sun before. Can you still get a tan when your alrady brown, and will you turn really dark. I have never done this before and any insight is appreciated.

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    I have not used spray on tans, but have used Jergens Natural Glow lotion. I use the product throughout the year. How dark you get depends on your skin type. I am naturally dark complected, so I can get really dark. You still need to use a sunscreen whether you have a spray, lotion or natural tan. The sun is intense. Your spray/lotion tan will fade over time just as a natural tan. Whether you do a spray tan or a lotion, make sure you exfoliate well before using the product. If not you will be blotchy.

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    Spray tan does nothing to protect against burn. It's cosmetic. I wouldn't bother. White stripes are conversation starters.

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    Spray on tans offer no additional SPF protection. do some short duration tanning bed sessions, 6 - 8 minutes at a time. F rom a health persepctive, the risks of tanning beds are well documented. Spray on tans are still a very new practice. The impact of chemicals absorded through your skin to stimulate color and inhaling the mist during the application of a spray on tan are still very much in the "guinea pig" stage... as in, "we're the guinea pigs".

    Either way, you will still need sunscreen when you're out in the sun.


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    Its really tuff to do catch up if certain areas are much whiter, spray tan will not make you look even unless you only spray the white area and thats not easy. Just go and enjoy no one really cares if parts of you are white everyone is there to relax and enjoy.

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    I have used spray tans and wouldn't recommend it for your trip, if you are not careful (lots of lotion on the bottom of your feet for the spray) the pads of your feet will be darker than the rest of your body. I am pale and used 70 lotion and still came back with good color after 10 days.

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    Thanks for your replies. I am well aware that it does not replace sunscreen. I have used the self tanners in the past and I can't stand the metalic smell that lingers for days. I just wanted to hear from someone that has actually had a spray on tan before. As you can tell I am nervous, so I don't think I will get one. Its just been so hot here in Ontario, its impossible to sit out in the sun and get some colour.

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    Did you try Jergens? It does not have the metallic scent. My hubby likes the scent.

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    Yes I have tried Jergens. I can smell that smell on me 24/7. I smell it all night long, and it kind of makes me feel sick. Its an underlying metalic smell that just does not go away. Maybe its just the way I react to it, or I am just really sensitive.

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    I hear you greyturtless. I have more of a suntan this year than ever before, but unfortunately that only makes the untanned bits more pronounced. I don't plan on doing anything before going, just being a little more careful with those untanned bits when we get there.

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    Don't do it the tan rubs off all week

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    I have had an airbrush tan before our last 2 visits to Couples and have been delighted with them. Provided they are done by a professional who will work with you to determine the shade you're looking for, there are no streaks or uneven/missed spots. Yes, they will fade, but provided you follow the directions (e.g. not steaming hot showers and abrasive cleansers, etc) it will provide a natural looking color (unlike the mystic tan). I always use a shaded moisturizer each day which helps retain the color.

    This link will give you some good information, . I would recommend trying one before your vacation to find out if this will work for you.


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