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    Default How is the Weather in January?

    My husband & I are in the midst of planning up our 3rd trip to Couples Negril (we've spent our Honeymoon there in 2010) and just recently returned back from our 2nd trip this June 2011). We are so anxious to get back to Couples Negril we were hoping to book for 1/18 through 1/27/2012 & was hoping to get some comments back from some of who have been at CN in January. Any comments are very much appreciated. WE LOVE COUPLES NEGRIL!

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    We've found January & December to be somewhat similar to June or July at CN, with slightly cooler air temperatures, but still very warm.

    The water in January is probably the biggest difference. The pool, and to some extent the bay, can be cool enough that it takes a moment to get acclimated. But the sun is so strong in JA, a dip in a cool pool always feels great.

    Rainfall-wise January is historically drier than June and we've had pretty good luck in January, but it is still tropical so you could get a shower or two.

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    We just returned from CN July 10th (#6)...returning Jan 29-Feb 8 2012 (#7). This will be our 3rd Super bowl week at CN....imagine your June 2011 stay...remove some the humidity...remove most of the threat of rain......ENJOY!!!!!!
    We've been at CN in Jan...Feb.....May.....June.....July......the only thing that really changes are the wonderful new friends you meet each visit.

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    We have been there twice the 3rd week in January ('08 married on the beach & back in 2011). Weather is absolutely beautiful that time of year! Very little rain both trips for us Heading back for our 3rd trip Jan 21 - 28, 2012. Can't wait!

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    We've always traveled to CN in July or August, but just booked January 20th-27th. I had the same question and thanks for the responses. Looks like we will see some of you there
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