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    Default CTI first 4/7-4/14/12

    So excited for our first trip! 21st annv. who else is going?

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    We are just going to miss you. You are leaving on our wedding day and we arrive on the 15th. You will love CTI. Enjoy!
    Bonnie & Jon

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    My wife and I will be at CTI from 4/8-4/13. We have been to CSA and CTI previously, but it was CTI that called us back! You will have a fantastic time.

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    Welcome to the Couples family.

    On this same page, look for the post, "April Amigos 2012". As you will see, there are already names on the list. I'll add yours. Names?

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    My husband and I will be there from the 7-12 we will be celebrating his 50th maybe we will meet up

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    We're there the 3rd through 10th... some of us who will be there early in the month should try and get together! The April Amigos are all there the 12th on...

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