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    Default Music at CTI Swim-up Bar??

    Hi! I keep reading posts re: no more games at the CTI swim-up bar Do they still play music? We were at CSS 2 years ago and loved the way they played music all day at their swim-up bar. I hope they do. Thanks, Lori

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    I'm bumping this back up to see if someone can answer. Is there music playing at the swim up bar? We hope so!

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    Laura & Paul, thank you for "bumping" my question up! I hope we can get an answer! With our without music we know FUN WILL BE HAD! BUT, a "soundtrack" to the day is always nice! :0)

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    No pool volleyball??????????
    What about beach volleyball?
    Last time we were there, quizzes and trivia competitions were held around the main pool.
    Can anyone clarify this

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    I'll let you guys know in 23 days!!!!

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    Faraway, There have been posts about no more games, volleyball, etc. at the CTI swim-up bar due to some sort of trouble with a few guests. I'm not clear on exactly what kind of trouble, but they decided that it would be best to have the games away from the area. Maybe it will change... you never know
    It will be wonderful, games or no games

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    Default Randy please clear this up

    I also would like to know if this is true...

    Randy can you answer this question????

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    Default Swim - up bar

    I would like to know about this also.. Randy can you answer this question about the entertainment.

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    There is no music being played at either mainland pool. The noise reverberates against the buildings.

    Couples Resorts

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    Default CTI Swim up bar

    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    There is no music being played at either mainland pool. The noise reverberates against the buildings.
    I just got back from CTI.
    I was our second trip and incredible. There was music at swim up bar and plently of beach volleyball. They played volleyball in main pool but not in pool with swim up bar.

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    I just returned from CTI. There was music at swim up bar...albeit not very loud.
    They did play lots of beach volleyball....was a blast!
    Also saw them playing pool volleyball at main pool not pool bar.

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    This must be new as while we were the first week of July, there was music at the swim up bar. The other pool was the quiet pool. I don't see why there can't music at the swim up bar pool during the day. The hours are 10-5. It's not like it's late or early. If you are in building 1 or 2, you hear all the entertainment until midnight. With regard to the swim up bar, it's either music or the voices of the guests there. I would rather hear the music.

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    Randymon, Thank you for answering our questions. My husband & I will be at CTI in 73 and half days! We last stayed at CTI in 2007. Can't wait to see all the new add-ons and changes that have been made! I KNOW it will be WONDERFUL! Thanks again for answering and have a great day! ~ Lori

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    Sorry to see that the music, games and activity people have been banned from the mainland swimup bars. For me. CTI just isn't as much fun since the renovations (JMHO). We are booked for Nov. 2011,only because I booked so far in advance and didn't want to loose the $500.00 Resort Credit. For 2012 I booked CN to see what changes have taken place there since our visit in 2002. Beyond that, I have no plans to return to CTI.

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