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    Default Catamaran Cruise

    My fiance and I are trying to decide between CTI and CSS for our honeymoon next March. One thing that I noticed is that CSS does not offer a Catamaran cruise. Will we really be missing out if we don't experience this cruise?

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    I don't know the answer to your question... We are planning our wedding for May at CSS and was wondering the same thing!

    Does anyone know if the glass bottom boat tour is good? I was thinking that maybe if the Catamaran Cruise isn't offered at CSS maybe the glass bottom boat tour will make up for it?? IDK...i've never gone on either of them! Hopefully someone will have some input!

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    The cruise is a lot of fun but CSS more than makes up for it in many ways. CSS is the most romantic of all the Couples resorts IMHO. They also have the best beach bar (it doesn't close at sunset), the mineral pool, spa, and the grounds are incredible. They also have room service which is very nice to utilize at least one night on your balcony overlooking the beauty of the resort.
    We did CN last year, CSA the year before and CSS the 2 years before that. CN & CSA both have more beautiful beaches but we're heading back to CSS next April. We never missed not having the cruise at CSS, I don't think you will either. Have a great trip!

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    The catamaran cruise at CTI is the best of all the Couples resorts that offer one. However, I agree with rjammin in that CSS is the most romantic. The other thing you don't get much of at CTI as compared to CSS is sunsets. SSB at CSS is an awesome place to catch some very beautiful and romantic sunsets while the only sunset we caught while at CTI was on the end of the pier coming back from the catamaran cruise. Hope this helps in your decision.

    Bart & Bug

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    We have stayed at the "S" resort chain for the last four years and have always enjoyed the catamaran cruise. We'll be enjoying our first stay with Couples at CSS in September and have asked the same question. Several "repeaters" let me know there is a cruise avaiable through an outside vendor, but I agree with rjammin. From what we can see from photos and reviews, CSS offers so much we doubt we'll miss it.

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    I've never been to CTI, but we did go to CSS as our first and only (so far) Couples experience last Sept. I got an ear infection early on and couldn't dive or snorkel--so we did the glass bottom tour. I LOVED it. i got to see things (fish, reefs, etc) that i wouldn't see without diving or snorkeling, and i was really, really glad we did it. I wanted to do it twice actually, it was so cool!
    of course i can't compare to the catamaran cruise, but i loved CSS and the glass bottom! have fun!

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    You can go to CSS and do an off resort cat cruise excursion. An extra expense, but likely not too much and would allow you to experience the cruise.

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    We did a CTI/CSS split. I thought we'd miss the cat cruise at CSS, as we did it at CSA and loved it, since it went past the resorts along the cliffs and had a nice swim stop. It was a real highlight of our wedding day.
    At CTI we finally managed to do the cat cruise after waiting out bad weather for a few days. It was still kind of rough, and the cat they use is MUCH smaller than the CSA cat. We basically sat and stayed put on the deck. The sights weren't nearly as nice as Negril, and the swim spot nothing special, and rather rough. It was a much shorter trip. Of course they can't control the weather, but based on the cat itself and the sights, I'd not rave about the CTI cat cruise like the CSA (or CN) one.
    CSS does have the snorkel and glass bottom boat trips, and the water is calmer off the beach, being in a more protected bay, so it's better for floating or kayaking. We loved both resorts, with a preference for CSS for the lush setting and beach. So if CSS is otherwise your choice, don't give it up for the CTI cat cruise. Just MHO.

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