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    Default Honeymoon Questions and Help!?

    My fiance and I are trying to decide which Couples Resort is best for our Honeymoon. I really like CTI, But I haven't been to any Couples resorts so I really don't know. We want to be relaxed, but still do fun things. We aren't big party people, we drink, but not wild and crazy so I don't want a party atmosphere all the time. Also, he is dying for some Lobster, is Lobster an option all the time? As far as the daily activities.. can you only do them once on your trip? Neither of us are Licensed Suba Divers, but we are interested in doing it, can we? Any help would be great! Thanks so much!!

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    If CTI is what is calling you, book it. Lobster is avaliable usually one night a week as long as it is not mating season (March & April I think). Daily activites such as snorkling, etc can be done everyday as long as there is openings. All the resorts do a certification for one dive included if you are not certified (I think if you want more than one dive and are not certifed you have to pay for it) If you check on the website under inclusions I think it tells you for sure.

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    From CTI's Restaurants & Bars page:

    Friday Lobster Night: All Restaurants serve lobster specialties, in season July 1 to March 31
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