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    We have come really close to narrowing it down to CSS for our honeymoon in March. But we can't decide on what type of room to go with. Any suggestions?

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    we had the oceanview 1 bedroom suite for our weddingmoon and loved it. We travelled with 4 other couples and we all had different style rooms under the same category. Our room number was G13 and we loved it! The 1 bedroom, oceanview suites with just the shower seemed to be the biggest in that category but all had amazing balconies with double lounger and table and chairs

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    Oceanview balcony or penthouse.

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    Depends on what you are looking for in a room. We have stayed in a one bedroom ocean, an ocean veranda, and the beachfront. They are all great rooms. If you want an in-room jacuzzi, the beachfront are the ony rooms with that. If being near the beach and most of the restaurants, the beachfront are also the best. Although both the other rooms we had were in Block D, which is really about mid point for everything. If a perfect view and/or a larger balcony is what you want, then either of the other two, or a penthouse suite is what you want. But, even with those, it depends on what block you are in.

    Then again, there really isn't a bad room when you are in paradise.

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    For us, room choice is all about location. If you look at the aerial map, you'll see two blocks of rooms just up from the beach, and those are A & B blocks. They're all beachfront jacuzzi suites and largely uniform (slight variation with mirror images and maybe some extra windows on the ends). They tend to be the most popular because they're very central to most daytime activities, and you don't have to climb steps from the beach/pool (i.e., they're at sea level).

    The other blocks start just on the other side of the Palazzina restaurant and form a rough semi-circle up and around the older part of the resort. They're build up a cliff/hill and there are a significant number of stairs. They were built as residential units and later subdivided into hotel rooms, so there is some variation in size and layout.

    In the "cliff rooms," there are a very small number of non-balcony suites in C blocks (I think 4 in total), the enormous penthouse suites at the top of D and E (and F?), and then a combination of one-bedroom balcony suites and verandah suites. Verandah suites seem to be what was leftover after carving out the one-bedroom balcony suites, so there is a lot of variation. Some are very big with big balconies, while some are quite small (though one of the small rooms happens to be our favorite because of its location and view).

    It's all personal preference, and there's really no such thing as a bad room. So unless you're looking to book a penthouse, I'd suggest the following as just one way to base a decision: If you want easy access, go with the beachfront Jacuzzi. If you want a bit more seclusion and don't mind a bit of a trek, go with the one-bedroom beachfront. If you want to be a bit more economic and are willing to gamble a bit with the possibility of a smaller room, go with the verandah. (I've never seen the non-balcony rooms, nor have I known anybody who's stayed in them, so I can't comment on whether that would be a viable option.)

    Whatever you decide, you can ask politely on check-in what options are available within your category. They don't take specific requests ahead of time, but if you're patient and polite, they're very accommodating.

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and I hope you love CSS as much as we do.

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    We had a Deluxe Ocean Verandah Suite in February in D block, and LOVED IT!!! Our particular room (D-7) was on the ground floor at the end of the building, so our verandah actually had 2 different views. We couldn't have gotten any luckier - it was perfect for us!! Enjoy!

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    The best rooms are either the Penthouse suites or the ocean front suites

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    Thanks for the input! I'm leaning towards either the Oceanview Verandah or the 1 bedroom Oceanview Suite. The balconies and views are very important to me (us), and I(we) also wouldn't mind being slightly secluded.

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