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    Default Which resort and when to book?

    Hello everyone!

    My husband and I are planning to go to Jamaica for my 30th birthday at the end of February 2012.

    We've spent hours going over reviews, photos and the Couples website and we can't decide on which one to go to! I think we've narrowed it down to CSS and CSA but maybe we should consider CTI too?

    How crowded is CSA? Are there many resorts nearby? Is it worth it to get a beachfront room?

    We like the prices and the seclusion of CSS and CTI, but we're worried it might be too "quiet" at night. How busy do the resorts get at the end of February?

    Here's what we'd like:

    - Good food - do any of the resorts have markedly better food than the others? Or are they all pretty similar?
    - Good snorkeling and scuba diving - my husband is an avid scuba diver, so a good scuba site is a must.
    - Some nightlife - it doesn't have to be every night, but we'd like to have the option to listen to some music or dance a few nights. We're by no means party people, so it's just as likely that we'll be in bed by 11 most nights anyways after a day of activities...

    Also, for anyone that's ever gone to Jamaica in February from Canada (Ottawa), what's the best time to book? We're looking at getting a package deal for flights and resort.



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    Welcome to the Couples family! First of all, February is high season so expect the resorts to )be full or close to it. It's the best time as far as weather IMO. we like Swept Away the best(saving for trip #5). While CSS is gorgeous we felt a little confined . There is more to do and more places to explore at CSA(seven mile beach). We book the cheaper rooms as we don't spend all that much time in the room. If you have the money for beachfront I say go for it as they are really nice.
    All the resorts have great food but CSA againn has more choices. All the resorts rock so good luck deciding.

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