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    Default Which resort?

    We have always stayed a S resort 15+ times and are considering trying Couples. How do they compare and which one is the best to start with?

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    Well I think CSS (ocho Rios) is awesome, very romantic and small, there are a lot of steps though. And they have a beautiful au naturel beach too. Beaches are small. Room service for all. Mini bars with what you want and flat screen tv. Large walk in shower, also a jacuzzi tub but I didnt really love it *i have one at home though) They have an awesome gala friday nights, tons of things to do if you wish. most rooms overlook the ocean.
    CN is lovely,(negril) Still a small boutique AI but the beach is on a main beach with familys walking on the beach ( I have nothing against kids, just don't really like em, unless they are mine) lol. anyway CN really is nicely laid out with lots of trees and plants.

    I haven't stayed at the others cause CSS is home!

    The pictures that you see on the site are really what you see there, We really love CSS and are going back in May.

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    We have not been to any other Couples resorts, or any other resort for that matter. However, I do feel comfortable in saying that you cant go wrong with Couples Negril. I should say that it feels very quaint and comfortable. It seemed rustic and secluded, even though its got other resorts on both sides. Its not the night life spot, but we did have a really good time at the piano bar one night after the big patio party. Seemed like everyone was ready to party and kick it up. Im not a big partier, but did enjoy meeting new people at various bars and restaurants and sitting to listen to other folks from different parts of the country and even world. CN is the spot for us. From the sound of things, you cant go wrong with any of the Couples resorts you choose. To each their own, as they say. Just pick one that you think fits your personality. Im sure that the service and quality is pretty much the same at any of them. Happy hunting...

    P.S. We didnt notice too many kids walking on the beach to and fro from other resorts (according to keki60). You did see other people, but they stay down close to the water, and you cant even hear what they are saying to one another.

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    You should definitely give Couples a try. I always tell people "how do you know if it's better or not unless you try". I have not been to an S resort, but I know they have a system in place that puts guests on different levels depending on what they paid for their room. Well, everyone at a Couple's resort is treated the same as everyone else. No matter if you have the least expensive room or most expensive, you are treated the same. Also, the Couples resorts don't have marble and chandeliers and fancy hotel stuff like that, the decor is much more laid back and tropical.

    My husband and I love Couples Swept Away. It is on the most beautiful beach and the resort is laid out like a small village. The decor is classic Caribbean with lots of wood and white linens. CSA has the most bar and food choices. Also, you can wander the beach in either directions for miles and truly get the flavor of Jamaica.

    Give it a try. It may become your favorite place on earth. Let us know what you decide on.

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    Sadly we were in the same boat, the "S" resorts were the only way to go...then thank goodness our friends invited us to go to Couples. We've never been back to the "other" place since. Our 1st Couples was CN and that is home. We've been to CTI and CSS as well. We love the bigger beaches that Negril has to offer and the laid back feel that CN has.

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    I think it would be best to figure out what you're looking for in a resort, then review (and review and review again) what each Couples resort has to offer and go with the one that appeals to you. CN is the only resort I've visited for an AI vacation, and for what I look for in a resort, this works perfectly for me. I may one day try CSS as the grounds and rooms sound amazing, but I love a phenomenal beach and that's one of the things that draws me to CN. CN itself is very laid back, romantic and relaxing. You'll find each person here has their favorite and their own reasons for liking that one best. It all comes down to what you're looking for and which resort best matches those qualities/amenities/inclusions. Good luck!

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    kreinke if you're considering a Couples resort you can't go wrong with any of them. We've been to CTI and CSA. We now consider CSA as our home away from home and will be returning in December. On our last visit to CSA we took another couple who had previously stayed at the S resort in Ocho Rios. They said that the S resort rooms were more elaborate but they enjoyed their stay at CSA much more. Take a look at all of the pictures on this site, comb the message board and decide which resort calls out to you. Here are a few of the differences I know of: CSS & CTI in Ocho Rios are on small separate secluded beaches. CN & CSA in Negril are on large separate beaches, CSA the longest. They all have wonderful restaurants/food and awesome staffs. Here's what we loved about CSA. It seems to have the most nightlife of any other resort but is also large enough that if you want can get lost all by yourselves. The long walks on the beach before breakfast and strolls through the beautiful grounds getting to and from the restaurants. The amazing sports/spa complex which is the best we've ever seen at any resort. Last but not least, evenings spent in the Aura Lounge with Ultimate Chocolate playing the piano. Enjoy making your tough decision and I'm sure that you'll become a member of the Couple's family because "once you go, you know!"

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