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    Default Rooms and Reviews at CN

    So I have been reading Tripadvisor in anticipation of our October visit to CN. I am kind of getting a little nervous about the conditions of the rooms being described and some of the picture posted. I am not expecting marble or perfection but I am seeing and hearing of pictures of mold and dirty floors and leaky AC's. I heard the rooms are getting a somewhat of a face lift, is this true? Please someone reassure me that all is good and I should reconsider reading Tripadvisor? Our first all inclusive ever was at a top rated resort last year in Mexico on Maroma Beach and I felt it was too sterile and not tropical but most of all the employees were not fun like you read about at Couples Resorts. Any information would be much appreciated!


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    No worries! We went in June and everything was more than perfect!! Everything is clean, no mold, no leaks and everything was GREAT! Definitely made the right choice!

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    Stop reading trip review! There are people who go out of their way to find something wrong then complain about it. If you are really looking for a tropical feeling resort with a staff that is more like family you won't be disapointed. You will be in paradise with your love are you really going to worry about a little sand on the floor.

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    I think there are as many postings on here questioning TA reviews as there are people asking which Couples resort to visit! Stop reading TA and know that you'll have a fantastic time. We're going for our third visit in August and I couldn't be more excited! Many people are up to 10-19 visits, that says more than any review ever could. The rooms have all been remodeled and even before that they weren't in bad shape. They're just even nicer now!

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    Default Rooms at CN are lovely.....

    No worries...we just booked our 4th trip to Couples Negril (going back in January) The rooms are lovely, tropical and spotless when you check in. The beds are comfortable and the a/c cold. We've never encountered a problem in four trips. If you do encounter an a/c problem or any other problem the resort staff will quickly try to resolve it for you. We've been to other all inclusive, but Couples stands out, and is the only resort that we've been repeat guests at year after year. Stop reading is good advice.....I've seen the negative reviews and I believe that there are people that can't be please no matter what..... Enjoy
    Irie ,
    (Ladydia) Dianna

    CTI 2006, CSA 2007, CN 2008, CN 2009, CN 2010 twice
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    We have been to CN seven times. The rooms have always been VERY clean. They have a very tropical, laid back, colorful,comfortable feel to them. We have fallen in love with this place and each other again and yes, the staff is awesome!!!

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    Thank you all for the responses! I am soo excited for a laid back tropical feel with wonderful staff! It may be hard to give up TA but I am going to try! Again I can't thank you all!

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    My wife and I have been to about 10 different resorts in Jamaica and to several in Mexico and the Bahamas and our room at CN a couple of weeks ago (regular garden view room - 1205) was at least the equal of the rooms we have had anywhere else in the Caribbean. There are minor flaws in all rooms if you go looking for them. We don't and our room was just fine. Some of the tile work was clearly done by amateurs, but it impacts my vacation not at all. Our room was clean, comfortable, and more bright and tropical than most rooms we have had in Jamaica. Just go and enjoy your vacation. If you are really picky then you will be able to find a problem, but no more (and probably far fewer!) than we have seen at 10 other Jamaican resorts. CN is a nice place and a very good value. Don't compare it to the Four Seasons on Nevis... compare it to other resorts in the same price range on the same island.
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    we agree with you Jimnmariann. the rooms are very clean and yes we also have fallen in love with this place. we will be back there at the end of June(25th-JUly1st) next year. We can't wait, hope to see you guys there.(Rick&Jan)

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    I was in your same boat. I read and read and read reviews and other postings. I too worried about all the negative things I saw on TA. Then I looked at the percentages of those that rated Excellent and those that rated it poor. The difference is enormous. Even with that, I was still a little nervous, as we had not ever been to resort, much less one Ive never heard of before. We were soooo close to going to "S". God intervened and we made the right choice. If you are an overly picky person and tend to bring others down, Im sure you can find things wrong with CN. We had a leaky AC, but called the front desk and it was fixed before we got back to our room after visting the beach on our first evening. The climate is humid and salty, and I can certainly understand that it is tough to keep everything in top condition. If you go with the relaxed frame of mind and "worry" about vacationing rather than the perfection of the room, you'll certainly have a great time. CN was absolutely perfect for us. I hope you can also find the greatness in CN and Couples.

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    We were at CN 2 years ago and are returning again in a few weeks time. Yes we thought the bathroom did need updating, BUT never the less was absolutely spotless. We certainly would not be returning if this was not the case. We have been to 2 S resorts in Jamaica, but to us CN is by far better. I have to admit looking at those reviews and pics would have had me worried had i not already visited, but rest assured everything will be fine!!

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    Just booked #7 and #8 to CN for Jan 2012 and June 2012...always stay in Garden view...NEVER had a room problem...always clean and well attended......other than shower...sleep...and "falling in love again" you won't spend much time in the room as the resort has so much to offer.
    Forget Trip Advisor...stick to the message board......we've all ACTUALLY been there and we all continue to go back.

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    Honestly, we did have problems with a leaky AC, but it didn't make a difference in our enjoyment of the trip. We called several times and they came up and worked on it every time. It wasn't a big deal, we just couldn't use the hooks under the AC to hang our bathing suits and bags. We were hardly ever in the room. Don't know if you made it to my TripAdvisor review, but here is a link just in case. I don't think I even mentioned the AC in my review, it obviously did not leave an impression. You will have a great time!

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    We were at CN with three other couples last February and we all loved it. Same group is headed back this next February. I can't think of a better endorsment. Enjoy your time there!

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    Not to worry, just returned July 23, all was great. Garden view was just fine returning for 4th time next year!

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    We've been to CN 7 times and are booked for #8. Never seen any cleanliness issues. It's not a marble and plush carpet resort. It's Jamaica and not NYC. The room is clean and functional. The world outside the room is fantastic. You'll have a great time!

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    In reference to the TA reviews the bad ones are far and few apart. Here is how I look at it, first if I am looking for a swanky overpriced hotel with thousands of people that when you close your room door it feels like you are at a Marriott or Hilton than do not go to Couples go to them. I do not know about costs in other parts of the U.S. but here in New Jersey Dinner cost about $125.00, a good lunch for two with few drinks or wine around $60.00 breakfast at IHOP $22.00 to $24.00, so close to $200.00 for the day, at Couples for around $350 a day(per couple) you get all the meals, drinks and food anytime, tip included and all the other many add ons such as cocktail parties, water sports, gym, as much as you want to eat or drink at any meal, catamaran, and yea not forget your room!!! So in my scheme of thought you can keep those hotels at $350 a day just for the room, go to Couples which is decorated and finished to look like its in the Caribbean its a no brainer! Our experience has always been very positive our four trips, the rooms all very clean and the only time we found our AC to leak was if we left our sliding patio door open and the humidity from outside entered our room. It took my wife a few years to convince me to do all inclusive and go to Couples and now I just always want to go back, actually returning on August 8th for 10 days!!!

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    I've been to CN twice and don't worry about what you read on TA. The people that complain are the people you can not make happy. We had 38 people in our group and most were discussing a return trip before we left the resort. Our first time there our AC had a drip and they came and fixed it right away. This time there was a small drip as well but most of it is humidity. I used the hooks under it for my bathing suit that was damp anyway. You won't regret it. We are looking at Summer of 2012 or early 2013. We have some free nights we are supposed to use but they expire before everyone else can come back with us and we want to go as a group again.

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    The resort is "tropical". It has a laid back island theme. It is on a beach where sand can wear down paint and wood quickly, and get into every crack seconds after the area is swept! It is always very clean and neat. I think the poor reviews come from people expecting "luxury", glass, marble, gold and so on. We are returning to CN for our tenth time in 47 days ( can't wait )! Is it the fanciest place we've ever been to? No. Is it the friendliest, most romantic, most laid back, relaxing place! YA MON!

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    We have been to 3 of the 4 Couples resorts. CN is by far our favorite so far. We were in Room 9304 this past March and it was perfect! No worries.... CSS and the last to visit is next March so we might have a new fav

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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    The problem with TA is that you don't get to meet the people who are writing this stuff. My wife and I are in our mid-30's and love to dive, meet new people, eat good food, and hang out at the pool bar or on the beach. We're critical of resorts with terrible food, crappy rooms and rude staff, and never paint a bogus picture of where we stay. With that said, CN is the ONLY resort that we have ever been to more than once. (& are getting ready to book our third!) CN is so perfect, that even though we are divers and have much better diving spots in the Carib, when we weigh the overall value of the vacation, Couples cannot be beat. The diving isn't Grand Cayman, but it's still pretty awesome. The diving staff are some of the best guys at the resort. If the AC dripping is a HUGE problem for somebody, they are missing the big picture. The overall experience and the way you are taken care of from the moment you step off the plane help all your worries melt away. Once you're there, you will spend almost no money, do whatever you want, and the biggest complaint you will have about your room is LEAVING IT! No worries! You will be back!

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    If you can somehow find the time amongst all the things to do and see at CN to look for the imperfections that are at issue on TA, then you have way too much time on your hands. Yes, it's not pristine and all shiny and new but it's got a character and flavor that we have not found anywhere else. The only drip around our room was the condensation running off the cans of Carib on our patio. We just returned from 10 days at CN after previously spending a week there this past February and loved every minute of it, again. Really the best.

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