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    Default Day at CN , what to do ?

    Doing Trading Places, what should I not miss while visiting CN. Every year I swear we will do Trading Places and we never do it, this year we will for sure, because we are considering CN for a CN /CSS split in 2012.

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    We love the beach, you could take a walk around the grounds, they are beautiful and won't take you to long because the resort itself is not very big, which is what made us pic CN. Some time at the pool bar can't be missed. Don't know when you are going, but go to the meet-up part of the the MB. there is usually some type of meet up at the pool bar. We go in Dec and have a Christmas hatters meet up, what a blast - last yr we paraded around the resort with our hats on. Next yr we are also doing the parade, but asked Karen about making stockings for the employees and received permission. So we will be busy making those and giving them out on our parade this yr. We just absolutely love CN, have made a lot of friends, RELAX which is what we go for and need. But do hit the pool bar. You will have a great time. This is our 6th ?? trip this Dec.

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    CN - CSS... these are the two Couples Resorts that are furthest apart. Just making sure you know the transfer would take a good 4 hours depending on traffic. If you have enough days to stay and don't mind the hours of transfer between the two this woud make an awesome split stay! Let us know how it goes. I would love to do that sometime if we could stay long enough to make it worthwhile.

    As for the trading places to CN for a day from CSA, IMO there are not a lot of 'don't miss' activities at CN that are different from the daytime activities at CSA really. If Trading Places did not end before dinner I would say Lychee is not to be missed. But as for things between 10 and 4 (I think those are the hours) then the only thing that really jumps out as different at CN is the nude beach. Spend some peaceful time on the nude beach and swimming in Bloody Bay where you will enjoy a wider beach, calmer waters, and less foot traffic than you would see at CSA.
    Have a great time!

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    We stayed at CSA last year and did the Trading Places over to CN. We took the resort orientation, which was just starting as we got there. It gave us a chance to see the resort and ask questions. They even allowed us to look at a room to get an idea of what they look like. Well worth the time!

    Have fun!!

    Bart & Bug

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    Hi Schwieso,

    As CN loyalists, we can tell you there are plenty of things to do on a day pass to CN, but don't forget to just relax on the beautiful calm beach. We don't do AN, so can't comment there.

    Grab some jerk chicken at the Beach Grill. We think it's better than CSA. Grab some nachos and take them to your beach chair in the shade. There will be plenty of loungers and floaties for you to choose from!

    Explore the ponds, and take your leftover bread to feed the fish. Watch the birds. Walk around the resort, marvelling at how compact everything is compared to CSA.

    Play ping pong, slide down the pool waterfall, and grab a seat at the pool bar. Float in the calm, shallow water to your hearts content.

    We've stayed at CN, CSA and CSS, and they're all fantastic, but CN has our hearts. Here's a link to my CN/CSS split stay video from last December. Grab a Red Stripe, 'cause it's a long one!


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    We are headed to CSA in October and are considering doing a trading places day to visit the Office of Nature for a lobster lunch. In 5 trips to Couples (4 of them in Negril), we have never made it to the Office of I am determined to go this time!

    Mark & April
    CSA - 06/03 (Honeymoon), 07/08, 10/09, 10/11, 5/14
    Secret Rendezvous - 11/05 (CN), 06/07 (CSS), 12/12 (CTI)

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    Pool volleyball is always fun at CN during the day.

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    Thanks for all your suggestions. Looking forward to Negril !

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    Quote Originally Posted by aurxdoc05 View Post
    We are headed to CSA in October and are considering doing a trading places day to visit the Office of Nature for a lobster lunch. In 5 trips to Couples (4 of them in Negril), we have never made it to the Office of I am determined to go this time!
    You MUST go to the Office of Nature. When you're heading north up the beach from CN, it's not the first one with the fancy sign, but the 2nd one with blue tarps for a roof. It seems sketchy at first, but it's definitely not. Just walk up to the bar, tell em what you want, $15, $20, or $25 lobster, grab a beer and wait for your food. Last time, in Nov 2010, we asked for the $20 lobster, but I can't imagine it's much bigger than the $15 ones, I just didn't want to hassle with making change. They chop it in half, slather it with seasoned butter and grill to perfection. we hung out at the bar with Johnny B Goode, but all of the guys are really cool. They keep the lobsters alive in the sea and they feed them coconut and orange peels so the meat is even sweeter than usual. A very prissy early-30-something walked by and said "Do you really think that's safe?" and we just laughed at her. There is nothing safer than live lobster fresh out of the sea!

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