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Thread: We are so HAPPY

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    Default We are so HAPPY

    After feeling down in the dumps after returning from our first visit to CSA in June we are now feeling HAPPY AGAIN. Why? Because we have booked to go back next APRIL for 2 weeks WWWwwooooooohhhhooooooooooooooooooooo.
    Had such a great time we just needed to get back there. Looked at other holidays but kept comparing them to CSA and CSA won hands down on Food, Staff, Beach, NO KIDS, and everything else you look for in a holiday. OK, travelling from UK the prices are at the higher end. However, when you get this quallity from a holiday it works out to be worth every penny. We are now Official Couples Addicts.
    Anyone else from UK there in April? We are there 20th April - 4th May.

    Lyn & Jan

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    OH I am always SOOOOOOOO jealous of you all from UK because most all of you stay for two weeks. Welcome to the family of Couples Addicts. We are a very happy group.

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    ....and we are SOOOO happy for you!!! I remember how down you were about not being able to get back. Look at you now!!!

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    very nice!!! Happy that you're happy!!

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