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    Default Couples Massage at CSA

    While at CSA a couples massage is a must do. Just wondering if these are done on or near the beach or outside, or will we be inside the spa for it? If it's possible, we would love to schedule an early morning massage on the beach!!

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    I'm wondering this myself as well... Are all the couples massages done on the beach?

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    We have asked on several occasions, but CSA does not have an option for a massage on the beach. The best option we have found is to have your massage on your veranda. If you schedule for early afternoon (2 or 3) you can often have it during an afternoon rain shower. Be aware you will be able to hear whatever is happening on the beach, so if it is a crowded afternoon you might have a lot of people noise. This was our favorite massage experience to date.

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    CSA does have beach massages under the hut on the beach that says "massages".

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    You can also request to have your massages way in the back in the old spa building. More remote. The spa is beautiful, though, so not sure why you'd go elsewhere. Not sure how relaxing being out in public would be

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