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    Default One day at CSA - What to do/see?

    We're heading back to CN for the third time this August, but plan to do the day visit to CSA. Does anyone have any advice on how to spend our day there? We obviously plan to spend some time on the beach, but is there anything special we should try, eat, see, do... ? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Good question and we are wondering the same thing.

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    Definitely take a look at the sports complex. You could play tennis or racquetball, or join a fitness or yoga class (check the schedule). There are showers so you could change afterward too.

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    Seagrapes for sweet potatoe chips and dip

    the beach

    you can walk to all kinds of things past CSA

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    Since you don't have easy access to the longer part( Long Bay) of seven mile beach, I would take a left if you are facing the sea and take a stroll and go shopping, have a Red Stripe at the little bars along the way.
    I would also go to Seagrapes and have the fresh fruit plate, sweet potato chips and dip and try the grilled snapper sandwich. It is DEVINE! I hope you love CSA as much as we do. Have fun!

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    OK.. First I need to say that I don't think you can get a real feel for CSA on a day pass. Our first stay at CSA was on a split stay with CTI. We first stayed at CTI and when we got to CSA we were like... this is nice, we'll do an even split next trip, after a day it was... next trip we'll do 3 days at CTI then the rest at CSA, by day 2 it was CSA only. lol We have done split trips since but CSA is the one place we NEED to return to every year. Anyway.. back to your question
    When you get off the shuttle grab a towel and head to the original beach bar, get something frozen. Then grab a chair on that secion of the beach and just relax, float, take in the special vibe of that part of 7 mile beach. Then take a walk(to the left) and see the rest of 7 mile. When you get back go to seagrapes and have an absolutely wonderful lunch of either fish tacos or a snapper sandwich,with sweet potatoe chips, of course. And if your up for it go into the palms and grab some dessert from the dessert bar in the back, and while your there see what was offered on the lunch buffets. (the one problem with CSA is there are too many good choices for meals) After lunch head to the other end of the beach,. Be sure to go inside the Greathouse while your there and go upstairs to see the casino and aurora lounge. And you might as well spend some time at the pool and pool bar. Oh.. I guess you should sometime take a walk across the street to the sports complex. See...I told you one afternoon isn't enough. lol Actually , it wasn't any thing in particular that made Swept Away THE place for us. More the feeling it gave us after spending a couple days there. But one days is better than none. Have fun!

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    Hi Parkersun,

    Have the pizza at Patois Patio for lunch! They cook personal pizzas hot and fresh from their pizza oven. They're over the top delicious. They DO take a while to cook, though, so don't wait until you're crazy hungry.

    Walk down the beach and meet some great local characters.

    Go upstairs in the reception area and look at all the photographs of repeaters and VIP's.

    Have the sweet potato chips and dip from Seagrapes restaurant (up by the Palms).

    Go across the street and take a look at the great sports complex. Have a smoothie at the bar over there.

    Enjoy yourselves - you'll like seeing the differences between the resorts.


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    Just walk all around the property. With the amount of bars open, you could start at the Greathouse and then work your way towards the Palms restaurant and do a bar hop. The sports complex across the street is a must see only because it's the best on on the island. Definitely go left on the beach and just stroll and soak in the local flavor. Hang out at the swim up bar in the afternoon. It's gets a little livelier after lunch. You are going to love CSA and Couples in general. Have fun!

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    Good question as we are planning on doing the same thing in August. We're planning on visiting CSA on Friday August 19th. We are definitely interested in seeing the sports complex and in sampling the food at Sea Grapes.

    Have fun!

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