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Thread: Silly question?

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    Default Silly question?

    Ok, this may be a silly question but I thought I would pose it and see what kind of response it gets.
    What is the tolerance for gay couples at any of the resorts?
    I have been dreaming of a vacation to CSA for almost 7 years and I am finally able to make it happen. I have never been to an AI resort...or any resort for that matter I just want to be put at ease prior to booking.
    I just re-read this...let me state that i am asking because I am
    thank you and i appreciate any thoughts.

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    Hi Tuckerberg!!!

    My wife & I were at CTI,Feb. 2011. We are ex-Islanders, ( long story) During our stay, there was a gay couple from New Jersey. They spent the entire week on the Island. They participated in games and they were involved in everything that was happening. They were the nicest folks that you could meet. During their last day, they thanked all of the Island folks for accepting them into the group. If the mindset at CSA is the same as CTI, you will have "no problem"

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    They welcome all couples. Go have fun! We have seen same sex couples every time we have visited.

    The only issue will be leaving the resort, just don't engage in pda's. Jamaica is not as tolerant as the US. Well some people in the US at least.

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    Gay or not as long as you are a couple you are allowed. though I will let you know Jamaica is not a gay friendly country. Just as long as there is no PDA I don't believe there would be a problem.

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    Jamaica is not a "gay friendly" country. However, you will not have any trouble at the resort. You will love it there. I say go for it, you will be hooked. When are you planning on going? We will be there in November.

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    tuckerberg~ Gay or straight... naked or clothed... be happy... be loved and what you chose to do behind closed doors is nobody elses business.

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    I can only speak as a guest of both CSA and CN, but you enjoying a wonderful vacation with your partner would not bother me in the least, and I hope you would be warmly welcomed. Hopefully you will get some other helpful comments on here and will be able to book the vacation of your dreams, wherever it may be. Enjoy!!

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    Excellent question, tuckerberg. Several years ago John and I spent a week in Montego Bay with two other couples. We wanted another couple, who happens to be gay, to come with us. They refused because they felt the Jamaican culture is homophobic. Some recent comments made by the Prime Minister gives some credence to their opinion. I prefer to believe Jamaica is a one love country and would welcome you and your partner with open arms. I'm not sure about Couples. Becasue of the nature of the resort business, they have to appeal to the masses. I would suggest you call and ask. I hope to meet you on the beach one day.

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    Couples will accept you with open arm and you will have a great time at the resort.

    The problem is that Jamaica is not a gay friendly country, so when you are off the resort I would not act as a couple, but as friends. I would recommend not holding hands, kissing, or anything that would connect you being a couple.

    Hope this helps
    Irie Mon

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    Couples are couples at Couples!! Go! Enjoy!!

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    It's not a silly question, and to be honest I don't know. I don't really pay that much attention to the people around me, True story- I walked right past my mother in the market once, we still laugh about that.
    I hope you get an answer. If I were you I would look around on other forums and see what you find.

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    Couples is for all couples in love. Many same sex couples have vacationed there and posted very positive reviews of their stay at Couples.
    However, Jamaica the country, is not what would be considered a gay friendly destination.
    So while I think you would be fine on the resort, I would be very discreet while off resort.

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    All couples are welcome at Couples resorts but be careful off property Jamaica in general is not very gay friendly especially for men.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    I have noticed same sex couples at CN, though I suppose they only stood out because most of the guests are heterosexual. That being said, everyone seems friendly and nice to one another regardless of sexual orientation. If you feel comfortable, I don't think anyone else will have a problem. As long as you're a "couple." then I think you're all good!

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    Gay couples are welcome at Couples Resorts, but Jamaica is not considered a gay-friendly destination. Jamaica is largely a religious, conservative country, so you should refrain from off-premises public displays of affection. On resort premises, you should expect to be treated like everyone else. We've met quite a few same-sex couples in our 19 trips to Couples Resorts, and none have mentioned being treated with derision or disrespect by any staff member or other guest.

    Go to CSA. You'll have a great time.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Hi tuckerberg,
    I personally think that the guests at any Couples wouldn't have an issue with a gay couple enjoying the Couples experience, however, I do recall reading a posting by randymon a year or so ago (? not 100% sure of the timing) regarding this and the fact that Jamaica isn't as accepting of gays as other countries, unfortunately.
    I don't know that it would preclude you from considering Couples (especially CSA which is my absolute favourite!!) but you may want to search for that thread before making a decision.

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    Hi tuckerberg,
    Further to my previous post, I found a posting by Randymon that speaks to gay couples at Couples. (I hope that link works). Basically, yes, gay couples are welcome at Couples but where I noted Jamaica wasn't as accepting of gays, I was incorrect, apparently it's illegal in Jamaica.

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    Couples is for couples in love. It doesn't matter if you're straight or gay, whatever gender, married or not, young or old.
    I will admit I haven't seen many gay couples in my visits, but there was a lesbian couple at CSS when we were there. No one seemed to be treating them any different.
    Go and enjoy!

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    I've only seen female couples.

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    I do not believe that Couples will care as long as you are a Couple.

    I read somewhere that Jamaicans are not as tolerant to Gay couples as some other countries but as long as you are not having sex on the beach then why would they care?

    My philosophy is now that if your are not harming others or breaking laws then do what makes you happy.

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    No one would know or care...enjoy!

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    The "official" couples policy is open to gay couples. From our experience, the "unoffical" is just as open. We have met several gay couples while on vacation and all seemed like they were having a great time. We got to know one couple better and specifically asked about their experience because we have friends that we want to come on our next trip but wanted them to be totally comfortable. The couple had not felt unwelcome in any way by staff or other guests. I do know that outside of the resort it is not recommended to have PDAs because the culture (maybe even some of the laws still) is not very accepting. So I would think you would have a great time!

    PS--I didn't think this question was silly!

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    It is documented elsewhere that Jamaica can be a homophobic country. I would highly recommend doing research from well regarded resources such as those over at the State Department. From State's country specific information sheet on Jamaica - "Jamaican law contains specific prohibitions on certain sexual activities. These prohibitions have been used to target homosexuals and trans-gendered individuals. Violations can result in lengthy imprisonment. "

    Please keep in mind that every culture evolves at it's own pace. Another article at time magazine with information about Jamaican culture -,00.html (granted, it is 5 years old. But at the snails pace that change happens in the US, you could probably assume ideals have complete reversed since then)

    This is not to dissuade you from visiting a resort and I'm glad that Couples Resorts accepts SS couples. From my experience, the Jamaican are proud, genuine, and happy to have visitors to their island.

    I hope you can get clarification and if you do book that you enjoy your time in the sun. CSA is a great property with wonderful food and staff.

    Enjoy and Safe Travels.

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    Gay couples are welcome & treated with respect on the resort from what I've seen but they are not really accepted in Jamaica so it is in your best interest to not attract attention to the fact that you are a "couple" when you are off the resort for sure. PDA's are not a good idea. If you can deal with that, then I'd say to make your dream come true & go to CSA .... You will have a wonderful time. BTW - I'm not gay ...

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    Well tuckerberg since no one else has stepped up to the plate I'll reply to your question. No it is not a silly question because even in this day and age there are still some people stuck in the stone age. First of all there is no ban on gay couples at any of the Couples resorts. My advice though is that you maintain a rather low profile since Jamaica in general isn't tolerant of the gay lifestyle. This is especially true if you venture off the resort property. Enjoy your vacation at the most laid back, romantic resorts that we've ever had the pleasure to visit.

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