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    Default details on CTI and CSS--rooms, beach, food?

    I am editing my original post to get some specific questions in, to help us in our decision.

    --i uinderstand the beach is small--is the sand area about as small as that in CSS?
    --judging by pctures, the actual swimming area of CTI is very small--is that true? how far would you say one can swim out from the sand?
    --are there grounds beyond the buildings? would there be anywhere to walk?
    --how large are food selections in buffet-style restaurants (ones without reservations?) i can only compare to CSS--about similar?
    --if one wants to get a snack (nachos, etc) in the middle of the day--is there a place to do so?
    --are there any rooms where you can hear the waves?

    CSS: we've actually been to CSS, but did not pay much attention to certain things:
    --as far as beachfront rooms go, could you tell me more about them? (we stayed up on the cliffs and loved it, but know nothing about other sections of the property)
    --from what i remember, the lunch selection at Pallazina was very small. is that normal or did we just catch it at a bad time?
    --was there nightly entertainment? as in, a band or a show? we went to bed early because i was sick! (not the resort's fault by any means!)

    thank you so much in advance! we are bringing my picky parents this time, and while the beach and the food selection are their biggest concerns, we are trying to justify paying more for resorts on the Negril side. if someone has been to both sides could provide their input as far as food selection (I know the differences in the beach and water!), i'd really appreciate it!
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