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    Default Local Vendors at CTI

    Can anyone tell me what day the local vendors come onsite at CTI to sell their wares?


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    There are vendors everyday outside the Logo Shop, also the nights of the beach & patio parties they are around the main pool.

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    How pushy are these vendors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick750 View Post
    How pushy are these vendors?
    Less so than those off-resort. Even they will be fine with a "no thanks!".

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    There is one approved vendor a day except Beach Party day and they are set up outside the logo shop near the beach. You can either A) walk by and browse, B) walk by and not browse) or C) Avoid it and walk on the walkway above the beach. They are not pushy. I was glancing at something on this past visit and all the vendor said was "it doesn't cost anything to look". I did purchase a necklace for our son--then found the same thing in the other gift shop outside the lobby. No problems, though, always good to support the local economy.

    Beach Party Night, there are many vendors set up also on Pool Gala night there will be a cigar vendor and a jewelry vendor. You can walk by without looking, walk by and look or avoid the area by walking down and around the other end of the pool.

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