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    Default Shuttles to airport from CTI

    We are planning our trip to CTI and does anyone know if the shuttle taking you back to the airport only runs in the mornings. We are trying to decide between a 12:40 pm return flight or a 3:00 pm return flight. Would love to do the 3:00 pm unless we have to ride the shuttle early in the morning and be stuck at the airport just sitting. Does anyone have any past experiences with this?

    Also, would like to know how the AN island was and if the boat rides over to the island ran frequently.

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    Couples will shuttle you back anytime you need to be at the airport - usually scheduled to leave the resort 4 hours before your flight. Either of your flights would be no problem mon. The 3 pm flight would allow another morning at the resort

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    The shuttle runs both directions all day. Take the late departure.

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    Can't attest to the AN island, but the shuttles run all day according to the guests flight schedules. We have returned to the airport with us as the only passengers and then again with a full bus. You will leave the resort approximately 3-4 hours before your departure so go for the 3:00 return flight so that you will be able to get breakfast at the resort and one last stroll around the grounds.

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    We always go for the later flight...get as much time at the resort as possible. (That's one reason why we fly TimAir these days.)

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