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    Headed for our first Couples stay in a week! We'll be staying at CSA. My question is--do we really need to get any $$ changed over and if so where is the best place to do it (airport vs resort)?

    To be honest with you we don't really plan on leaving the resort at all. And the only thing that we want to do that is extra is parasailing. So now I've thought of another question...How much is the parasailing, how long is it and do you have to pay for it with cash or can I use my cc?

    Thanks in advanced!

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    Hi mbuckley,
    If you're not planning on leaving the resort you're not going to need much cash. However, the parasailing will cost you, I don't know the amount, but it will be in US dollars. You'll also need a bit of cash (USD, again) for tipping driver to resort, baggage handlers at airport, etc. although you won't need any on the resort at all.
    Hope that helps,

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    no need to get $ changed

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    In all of our trips we take 100 in 10s 100in 5 & 100 in ones that way you dont have to try and break big bills

    cash for jet ski havent done it in a few years i think it was around 80

    Enjoy your trip!! youll be a repeater soon!!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
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    Especially if you dont plan on leaving the resort you really dont need to exchange any money, even if you do all the tour guides take american money as tips, we only exchanged money as we wanted some as a souveneir, and we did that at the airport, just bring your passport to exchange.

    As far as cost of parasailing and payment that I'm not sure about!

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    I would not exchange from USD to Jamaican dollars. USD accepted everywhere.

    I might think about exchange if other currency....

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    You really should not need to exchange any money. Most every place you might go is happy to take US dollars. Can't remember the price for parasailing but it is worth it. You pay at the tour desk at the resort and I am pretty sure they will put it on your CC. Have a great trip!

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    American dollars are preferred by all vendors and up and down seven mile beach.

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    OK... first of all, despite the news we've all been hearing, George Washington is still king on Jamaica. USD are welcome almost everywhere in the resort areas, and many prices in the shops will be found in $J and $US.

    Don't bother with changing currency.

    As for parasailing or jetski, see Elvis 'pon de beach, mon... he'll set you up and get you up. You'll recognize him as the guy in the beach hat, shades and a t-shirt that normally says "Shut up and Fly!" He and his concessionaires only accept cash. I really don't know what the cost is, however; I've seen some posts that say a tandem ride cost $100US, but hey, what do I know?

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    USA cash is what the vendors want.
    Irie Mon

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    Thanks everybody!!

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    What should we do if we're coming from a country other than the US (in our case, Canada)? Should we get some $J or $US? Or do they accept $CAN too?

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