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    Did you ever get to meet with the officiant before the wedding to discuss what was going to be said at the ceremony? I have seen a few videos of the Couples weddings and some seem to be very religious. My fiancee and I are not religious and would prefer for bible verses and such to not be included in the ceremony.

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    We did not meet with the officiant before our ceremony last month. Many said that it's not that religious-however, if you are atheist or even not practicing, it is very religious. They did show us a sheet of what he says and we opted to go with a justice of the peace for $100. The wording does reference God and specifically does reference the bible and talks about marriage being between and man and a woman. We did not arrange this in advance, so just ask to see the sheet!

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    Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to know. How was the ceremony with the justice of the peace?

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    Good. A bit strange as there was more of an emphasis on the 'lawfulness' of our decision versus one of out love, commitment, etc. However, we wanted that over a religious ceremony, so it worked!

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    We got married at Swept Away on June 3. My husband is Jewish and I am Lutheran, so we did not want any religion in our ceremony at all. We told the stateside coordinator. She made note of it and said to mention it when we arrived. We told the coordinator at Couples, she said no problem. There was no extra charge. Our ceremony was perfect. The minister (justice of the peace?) was in a suit and tie, nothing religious at all. Our vows were standard love, honor, cherish, sickness, health etc. And then he spoke a bit about being sheltered from the rain and cold since we have love to keep us warm and dry. It was absolutely perfect for our needs. Quick, easy. I would just suggest mentioning it ahead of time and again at the resort.

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