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    Default foreign country charge

    I booked my vacation online and paid with my credit card...on the cc bill i noticed they are charging a "foreign country charge" Does anyone know if all companies do this?? Thanks in advance!!

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    Capital One credit cards do not charge this.

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    That fee is imposed by YOUR credit card company, not Couples Resorts. It will happen everytime you use your credit card outside of the US. I don't know if there are any credit card companies left that don't charge it.

    My VISA adds a 2% "Foreign Transaction Fee". When I called them and told them that Couples accepts payments US$, they said it wasn't a currency exchange fee anymore, but that it was a "Fraud Fee" since they get so much fraud from overseas companies. Its really just another fee that can get away with so they do it.
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    I'd drop that credit card into the nearest shredder and go find another that doesn't impose these absurd fees.

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    I opened a Capital One checking account online. I transfer money into it and pay via debit card so I avoid the fee. We will probably transfer some money into it and take that debit card with us. If the number gets stolen it isn't that big of a deal since there isn't an account we use for anything else.

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    Most do charge these fees. We have an AARP Chase Visa that is not charging the fee,(this is the one I use for our monthy payment on the love away plan) and I heard on another thread here that Capital One does not. You'll just have to check around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vacationman View Post
    I'd drop that credit card into the nearest shredder and go find another that doesn't impose these absurd fees.
    Good luck with that, most of them do charge the fee.

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    use capital one cc

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    None of my credit cards charge this absurd fee...just sayin'

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    My CapitolOne nor my Chase CC's charge a fee......its rediculous that some do.......!!

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    BOA does...but it must be new didn't see it last year
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    Chase and capital one are the only ones that DO NOT CHARGE THIS FEE
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    American Express does not charge it either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElaineChick View Post
    American Express does not charge it either.
    I believe it depends on which Amex you use.

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