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    Default UK GHD Hair Straighteners CSA help!

    We go to CSA on the 6th August (so excited)
    My question is will my GHD's work?
    We have been to Dom Rep and they did not work
    I know this is a little issue to some but for a girl mega.

    Thanks Allie

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    Hi Allie,

    My GHD's did not work on our previous trips to Jamaica - you will need to get some straighters with world-wide voltage. I got a cheap pair from ARGOS which worked fine (although not quite as good as GHD!):

    Have a great time at CSA - we only have 45 days to wait!!!!


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    Mine worked but don't think they were as hot. Enough to straighten a bit, but bear in mind will get wavy with humidity anyway!

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    Yup, its mega. But, it's also humid! I have curly hair that I straighten and when at CSA i look great until about the time they serve the soup! After that, forget it. I would call my hairdresser and have her recommend some good anti humidity product that you put on before you blow dry. That, and pack lots of pony tail holders.

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    Peronally my hair starts getting curly the moment we land and by the time we make it to the resort I am full on curly. Why fight it? I bring lots of pony tail holders, clips and a ball cap and take a week off from my hair too.


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    It all depends on your GHD's mine are less than a year old & they worked fine in April, as they're multi-voltage, however, the older GHD's weren't multi voltage

    Check the inner of the straightners & you will see if they're multi-voltage. I think mine are GHD 4's.

    Hope this helps

    Just for the record, I've previously used other multi voltage straightners in the craibbean before using my GHD's & if I were you I'd buy a new pair of GHD's if yours aren't the latest.....they are sooo worth it!

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    Hi Alli;
    I just tried a new product for the first time and it is amazing! it's new from John Freida and is called "3 day Straight" You spray it on damp hair, blow dry and use the flat iron. I was out in humid wind today and my hair is still straight, no frizz. I think it would be perfect for Jamaica.

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