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    Default Today starts the double digit countdown!

    As of today, we have dropped the hundreds place from our countdown!

    Only 98 days, 14 hours, 14 minutes, 30 seconds until the wheels of the plane touchdown on the lovely tropical isle of Jamaica! Then we get another hour or two (or less I hope) getting through customs, the wait (likely short from what I've read here) for the bus to the resort, then the two hour or so ride to Tower Isle...

    But once we're through customs, I'll bet we'll have grins from ear-to-ear the whole time to the resort. Then we'll probably end up getting checked in, and crashing hard in our room...


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    We're getting close to the double digits. Have 33 more days than you. Can't wait to be "home"

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    Congrats! We will join the double digit dance in 29 days. Have a great time. Have one for me.

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