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    What time is the Beach Bar open until? I wanted to do a meet & greet with our wedding guests at 5:30 and was trying to see if the beach bar would still be open! Thanks!

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    If my memory serves me correctly, the beach bar is open until 6:00 pm, be carefull though, those bar stools on the beach side are quite high off the ground, if you fell off of one you could crack a rib.................................. inside joke from a previous trip

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    There are two Beach bars at CSA - one near the Greathouse on the "new" side of the resort, and one on the older side of the resort, closer to the Palms. They are both open until 6:00 p.m.

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    They usually shut down after sunset so it depends on what time of the year. We were there in April last year and I think it was about 6:00 -6:30.

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    We went in Feb and it was open until 7pm I think

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    I believe the Bamboo bar is open until 7 pm. Not sure about the other beach bar.

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    They'll still be open, but not too long after that... they generally wrap it up and are shut down by about 6:00, when the bar action moves on to the restaurant bars at The Palms and in the GreatHouse (Patois Patio, Feathers, and the Aura Lounge).

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    We were just there. The Bamboo Bar with Dermond at the helm stops serving mixed drinks at 6:30 and Red Stripe at 7. The best bar I have ever been to hands down. It is so much fun!

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