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    Default Which room categories have a jacuzzi tub at CSA?

    Hi We are thinking of booking a trip to CSA for next summer but really like having a room with a jacuzzi bath...does the Great House Veranda Suite have a jacuzzi? On this site they name a category that has Jacuzzi in the name, however when shopping online, the tour companies/travel sites never have a room option with the words jacuzzi in them? Which categories have the in room jacuzzi bathtub?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I think the only room that has a jacuzzi is the great house jacuzzi suite... i've stayed in the great house verandah suite and the atrium suite and neither of them had a jacuzzi.... hope this helps!

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    the GHVS is only room cat with jacuzzi in bathroom
    not small but not roomy enough for 2 in my opinion
    there are only 4

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    Does this mean if I book a Great House veranda suite I automatically get the jacuzzi tub???

    We really want to go here

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    Hi RianneD,
    No, the GHVS is not the one with the jacuzzi. You need to book the Great House Jacuzzi Suite, which is the only room class with jacuzzis.
    If you're not having success in finding that name when booking, it could be they're sold out. I believe there are only a couple of them, so would imagine they'd sell out quickly.

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    Nope, I do not think GHVS has them. We stayed in GHJacuzzi Suite and it has one. To my knowlegs only the GHJS have them. You should call Couples directly to book GHJS. For some reason a lot of places don't list this category
    PS-it was worth it!!!

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    RiannD, there are 4 ghouse Jacuzzi suites and the rest are regular ghveranda suites.

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