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    Default Private dining on the beach at CSS

    I did look everywhere and couldnt find what I was looking for.

    I was wondering if anyone did the dining on the beach. We have done the bella vista route which is our favorite but I was wondering whether it was worth it. I am not a big eater since having gastric bypass surgery seven years ago. but I am a major foodie as well as a sous chef. We are celebrating our 30th and I had thought about something more romantic to do. I think we had decided to go horseback riding in the morning and finish off with dinner. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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    I would suggest doing it at the wedding gazebo. It's very private and romantic.

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    We did the private dinner on the beach. I think it is worth the money. we chose the passionate menu option. We had gotten married on July 8 at CSS and once our guests left we started our honeymoon with the private dinner on the beach! on July 10. The food was amazing!

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    Congrats on your upcoming 30th anniversary! We celebrated our 3rd at CSS. We also contemplated the private beach dinner.We thought about seeing if we could have it in the gazebo. It's a beautiful, private, romantic setting. We didn't end up doing it though, so I can't comment on the food. Surely someone will.
    Instead we had a spa package with hot stone massages and a seaweed wrap in one of CSS's wonderful spa huts overlooking the water. The huts are basic 3 sided things, but it was the nicest massage setting I've ever seen.

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    Thanks everyone! Sounds like dinner in the gazebo, morning of horseback riding and maybe I can book a massage for the afternoon for us! I am so glad I asked because I didnt know about eating in the gazebo.


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