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    Default CSA Review 7/11-7/17

    Paradise. Heaven on Earth. That is what I think of when I think of CSA. I had such huge expectations and they were more than surpassed! Some background. My husband and I went for our 20th anniversary. We have never been to an AI and have never been in the Caribbean except for the Bahamas. We have cruised three times. We left Cincinnati went thru Atlanta and arrived at MBJ at 10:40 am. We were the only flight that came in at the time so we flew thru immigration and customs. We got to the Couples lounge and were told our bus would be leaving in 5 minutes. The porters took our bags before we got into the lounge. From reading on here I knew we had to tip them but the two couples on the bus with us didn't so they were surprised at the aggressiveness of the porters. The bus (actually a large van) carried us and two honeymoon couples. I get carsick really easy so I was worried about the ride. It was FINE. Getting used to being on the wrong side took some time. Our bus driver told us left side is right side right side is suicide. It took 1:15 minutes to get to the resort, we did not stop. We arrived at CSA at 12:30. We booked an Atrium room. I requested a ground floor room and they said that was fine. Our room wasn't ready whether that was because of my request or not I don't know. We went to lunch at Patios and walked around and our room was ready right before 3. We were in the most amazing Atrium suite. It was in building 27 right in the center of the resort. Our room number was 2128. We had a beach view from our veranda. I never expected that. The water was so warm I couldn't believe it. It was also more shades of blue and green than I knew existed. The sand was soft and clean and hand raked ever day. I am an early riser so I would go and get a cabana and then come back and lay in the hammock. The hammocks are gone early but you don't need one as there is more than enough shade and chairs. We snorkeled both day and night. The night snorkeling was so worth it! Desmond and his crew were so much fun! They kept playing a song on the boat that they didn't know the name of. It was a rhythm with Italiano and Americano in it. I found it on google and have been listening to soothe the ache of being home. We also took the catamaran ride and glass bottom boat. We bought a jet ski ride and parasailed. We mad Elvis mad as we got a parasail quote from him and then got lower from someone else and went with him. The vendors were not an issue. You go to them not the other way around. We went off resort and did some shell and wrap shopping. The vendors came up to you out there but were still friendly. I bought a wrap from a man with a big fattie in his lips. I'd never done that before. We thought about taking a taxi to Rick's but we didn't want to leave so we didn't. Most days we had an afternoon shower. On Wednesday we had a private dinner scheduled. We had a heavy storm that afternoon and when I went to go to the salon to get my hair done at 5:30 it was still pouring. I made back up arrangements for dinner at Feathers. By the time I was done the rain stopped and the night was gorgeous. One of the men working there said "I bet you didn't expect this did you?" I said no and he said "This is paradise, it always happens." The food at the dinner was the best we had. I had the lobster meal and my husband the steak and they were both great. It was so relaxing and romantic! Kimberly was our server and she did a great job. I bought the Magical Memories package as a surprise for my husband so the dinner was part of it as was a spa credit that I used to get my hair done. We also had the couples massage which was amazing. The flowers in our room were gorgeous! The mosquitos/noseeums are bad but I am a magnet for them at home so I expected it. My husband didn't get bit at all. We used Deep Woods Off in the evenings until the last night when someone took it off of our veranda. I took hydrocortisone with me and was very glad to have it. All of the food was great! We ate at all of the restaurants. I especially loved the pumpkin and potato soup at Patios and all of their pizzas. The waffles and pancakes at The Palms were excellent as was the lobster at Feathers. The sweet potato chips were my favorite snack and I miss them!! The place to be was the Bamboo Bar. Dermond serves the best drinks and is so much fun! Beware some people walked up to his bar and couldn't walk afterwards. He does toasts and shots and he fills the shot glasses all at once. It was the place to wait out the rain and why we didn't leave to go to Rick's. It was way more fun with Dermond and free! The snake eyes was my favorite drink and Dermond made the best one. I brought tee shirts and had Ray paint them for me and there turned out amazing!! We spent two evenings at the Piano Bar singing with Ultimate Chocolate. We had a ball. Sorry this so long but I hope I helped relieve some fears I had and I want to thank everyone on here for their advice and help! If anyone has questions or wants to see pictures let me know I will be glad to help. I miss it so much and want to go back. I'm going to start saving my pennies...

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    OMG sounds like you had a great time and thanks for the review!! We will be going to CSA for our first time 12/09/12 and I get by everyday with reading this message board!! Yep start saving those pennies, we have been throwing our change into a big ole beach bag since this last march and going to continue it till we leave for our trip so hoping we have 500.00+ in it! We want to do it ALL while we are there and dont want to say that we cant afford to do something. My fiance has never parasailed so that is on our list and really want to go to Rick's and Rockhouse!! Glad you had a great time!!

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    Awesome! CSA is truly magical. I can't wait to get back, but after reading your review, at least it put me back there for a second. Thanks for a wonderful review. I got hooked on CSA our first time there too.

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience! It sound wonderful!!

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    Dermon was at the Pool bar when we were there last year. My wife loved his drinks! "Don't be afraid!"

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    Great review. It is heaven on earth! Sounds like you had an amazing trip!

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