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    Default Visiting another Couples Resort for a day

    We are going to book a trip to CTI but want to visit CSS for the day. If anyone has done this before, can you give us some advice and if it was worth it? Thanks!!!!

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    Do it! We were there at the end of June and visited San souci. Just sign up for the Romance Rewards program before you go and sign up when you get to CTI. Shuttle was supposed to leave at 10 am, but on Jamaican time, that's a bit later, but we were still able to arrive at CSS and catch up with the 10 am tour of the property. The property is breath-taking and we didn't think the pictures completely do it justice. Being there and seeing it is different. The water was so calm in a sheltered cove, and CTI had been windy and the water choppy all week, so I took advantage of that and floated! Now we just may have to go stay there!

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    We did the "Trading Places" and visited CSA during our last CN trip. We had already booked CSA for April 2012. We loved the opportunity to check out CSA. It is a great property, great gym facility, great people, property and everything you would expect from Couples. It also helped us confirm that CN is our "home". We took a cab back to CN before the 4:00 shuttle and changed our 2012 reservation to CN.

    (note: this is NO reflection on CSA, but more a reflection on us. For every person who prefers CN, you will find another who prefers CSA...or CTI...or CSS. But I DO recommend the day trip if it works into your plans)

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    We did it in April fro CSA to cnegril. It's a great perk but you must sign up to be a romance rewards member first. MWF 10-4 pm limited to 10 couples per day. Try it!

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    We did just the opposite. We stayed at CSS and took advantage of the trading places program. I believe this is available a couple of days per week or when the island is closed. We just signed up in the lobby. No charge of course. We left CSS at about 10am and returned about 5pm. I must add we had a blast. We went over with 3 other couples to the island. Very much enjoyed the change of scenary and a few too many "Jamaican Man Drinks". It is definitely worth checking out. You will fall in love with the natural beauty of CSS.

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    I think it was worth it. We were at CSA and traded over to CN. It was nice to see for ourselves what CN was about and to know we would prefer CSA. We weren't at CSS for very long, so we didn't want to "waste" a day at CTI exploring. Before you go, you always wonder which you would prefer.

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    Can anyone answer this.....Say I do a trading places to CSS from CTI, what if we need to change before or after swimming? Do we have to use the main bathrooms to do so? We are going to CTI for the third time in August and we are seriously considering checking out CSS. Just not sure how I feel about not having a private room for changing and such.

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