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    Default Secrets of CTI

    I just read the thread on Secrets of CN. We are planning a trip to CTI in October. Anyone out there with secrets on CTI? Would love to know what they are!

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    How bout any secrets of CSA???

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    Quote Originally Posted by snugglebugs View Post
    How bout any secrets of CSA???
    Start a separate thread?

    I guess the secrets of CTI are so secret no one wants to talk about it

    CTI is smaller than CSS or CSA, so it's harder to find secret spots, but the hot tubs at the spa are a great place at night. The one on the men's side is more tucked away, but even the one on the woman's side is quite hidden away in the foliage. It's just too bad there isn't a bar handy The budha pool is usually a quiet retreat night or day.

    Maybe not so secret... the Verandah doesn't require reservations but is a really nice restaurant both food and atmosphere wise.

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    Ooh..wanna bump this thread! I am going to CTI for my first ever vacation (and honeymoon) in November and would love to know peoples "secrets"...

    *shhh* I promise not to tell!


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    Secrets at CTI. Hmmmmm, we have been there 32 times. We loved it when it was the somewhat dated, in need of repairs but I don't care, this place is still freaking outstanding.
    I'm going to check with Syl about this. Off hand, I can't think of any "secrets" at CTI. Now are you referring to "secrets places around the resort'? In that case, there aren't many.

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    Not much of a secret, but if you go on the tour with the head gardener, he can show you some "secret" areas. Takes about 30 min and is like going backstage!

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    When does this tour go out? Is it on the activity board?

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    We loved the budda pool at night. So nice and quite. Also its nice to go for a walk in the morning around the gardens (wear bug spray on your legs though) we talked to some of the ground crew and they where full of information I had on some of the flowers.

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    You can make arrangements either directly with him or through the front desk. Syl went with him and he told her of the different plants that were around. Answered questions. She really liked it.

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    Try the island as soon as you can. If you don't like it doesn't matter if you do though you won't regret leaving it until the last day to find out

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    Oh and what part of Oct are you going, we're there early on

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    yep, desmond the gardner was awesome. it's called the nature walk. we were the only ones. he was an awesome guy.

    come on crabracer...tell em about the bowling alley

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    You wont find out the actual secrets of CTI most likely, until you get there, through word of mouth. Talk to some repeaters.

    As soon as they get aired out on the message board, they aren't cool secrets anymore; they are just policy.

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    The fitness director has a "Power Walk" on MW&F at 8am. *(meet in the lobby.) He takes you up into the hills behind the resort and shares all kinds of interesting Ocho Rios history. I thought it was GREAT and had a really nice time. He'll scale back the "power" part of the walk if the group doesn't want to sweat THAT much, but it's still a nice bit of exercise.
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