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    Default Only 2 more nights

    Wahoooooo!! Leaving the 20th for CSA. Only 2 more nights of trying to sleep here. I am so excitied I just can't sleep.
    We leave ATL airport at 10:45am. We are staying 9 days. This is our 4th trip to CSA. I am so in love with CSA and Jamaicia.
    Life at CSA is simply wonderful!!

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    I know how you're feeling. We have 3 more nights and it will be our 3rd time to CSA. Have fun and maybe we'll see you there.

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    4 more nights, can't wait. it will be our first time.

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    8 more nights til I'm there for 7 nights!

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    Three more nights for us until our 15th trip to a Couples resort but our first to CSS. Very excited. This will be the first time that we're vacationing with another couple. My sister and her husband are joining us for their very first Couples vacation. Hope they love Couples as much as we do.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    We have ONE more night and we will be at Swept Away. Want to thank everyone on this board for all the information they share. It is our first time to Couples and Jamaica. Sooo excited!!!

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    Only 11 hours to take off, can't wait to visit CTI the Golden Jewel of the Caribbean.

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    I find that liberal application of Red Stripe to the tummy helps with pre-trip jitters.

    Oh, hello, appears my better half has already commented :P

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