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    Default Photo price (not wedding)

    Anyone have photos taken recently at Couples?

    Do they charge for the photo session itself or just for the finished photos? Can we pay to get the photos on a dvd? Prices of each?


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    They take photos all over the place. Each resort has a photo kiosk. You look at the photos on the computer and they put them into a file for you. We went every day and addded the photos so we wouldn't forget what photos we had taken. On our last morning we went thru them all. It is $10 per 5X7 photo or photo put on a CD. We had over 100 pictures taken of us (we did seek out the photographer) so we opted for the $250 package that allows you to get either 100 5X7's or 100 photos on a CD. We got the CD.

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    We had photos taken at Couples Swept Away and we paid for a pkg of 20 and then picked out some others individually. They are always going around taking pictures and if you like them you can by them. Really nice idea!

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    We were just at CSS
    They did a professional photo shoot for free
    It was a lot of fun. She took about 50 pics
    Most turned out good. A few were great
    We had trouble narrowing it down
    We ended up getting 13 and the cost was $135
    You had the choice of getting a DVD with the digital images or they would print your pics without the digital versions
    We thought it was worth it overall. We used resort credits to pay and ended up with pics of both of us for the first time

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    OMG we have 25 nights booked and going to all 4 resorts so I would hate to think of how much that bill could be for photo's after that long of a stay!! I better be strong and only pick out the ones we really like!! I am so glad this thread got started cause we joined the MB in March and never ever have seen any discussion on this so now I know what else we need to bring money for!!

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    Oops forgot to mention that we were getting married at CSA so there is another photo shoot but already knew we were paying for that one!! Save....Save....Save

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    I do hope that you can have a choice of having your picture taken. My wife hates it.

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    No worries. A polite "No, thank you." will send the photographers on their merry way. There is absolutely no pressure to have your picture taken (like they do on some cruise ships.)

    Actually, there is no pressure to do anything that makes you uncomfortable at Couples.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I love this Idea. That way if you want to leave your Camera in the room you can. I love pics and my hubby doesnt care for them, but its great to know that this is an option.

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