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    Default AN Area Comparison

    Okay, so we're trying to decide if we want to go to CTI, CSS or CN. Earlier in the year we went to CSA and had a blast. It was a comped trip so we didn't have a choice of which resort to go to and were a bit disappointed to find that there is not an AN area there. Anyway, I think that CN has an AN beach and no pool and CTI has the island with a pool but not really a beach. What does CSS have? By chance, is there an AN pool and a beach there? Any input would be great!
    Island Girl

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    CSS has an AN pool with swim-up bar. An AN Grill(I think). An AN hot tub. An entire AN beach totally separate from the textile beach. Most likely the best AN area of them all if that is what you are looking for. I am sure others may disagree so I will not be bold and argue since I have not been there yet....However, in seven days I can tell you first hand...

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    For best A/N area CSS wins hands down! CSS has Sunset Beach a whole separate private A/N beach with the nicest pool with stone grotto and swim up bar, a grill for snacks and they frequently set up a little lunch buffet in addition to the grill items if there are enough people there. Volley ball, plenty of palapas and trees for shade and a massage hut. it's AWESOME!!! The resort it's self has the best rooms and grounds of them all to.
    Shari & James
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    Hi Lovinlife,
    Sun Set Beach at CSS has both a pool and a very nice beach. Just make sure to wear water shoes and if you bring a float out be careful. We lay back on a float and the next thing you know we were almost in Cuba, well not quite, but we did float out a bit far. My wife(soon to be) just pointed out that the pool has a waterfall. I know we love it there and can't wait to get back in Oct. for our honeymoon.

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    Indeed, there are both at CSS. Some say the beach isn't as nice as some of the other resorts, but we think it's just fine!

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    Default CSS Sunset Beach

    CSS Sunset Beach is a private stretch of beach with palapas and beach chairs scattered across. It is large enough that you never have couples directly side by side - unlike CN. Also, at CN while the chairs are in a hedged secluded area, if you go for a swim you walk out into the open - on the other hand you can do much longer walks there.

    CSS also has a great pool and hot tub in the AN area as well as a full bar and grill.

    It is certainly our preferred option as we like the beach, privacy and full facilities.

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    CSS has a small beach, but it's a little rocky when you go into the water. The beach was great, however, very private, with palapas and loungers aplenty. The pool is large, with a waterfall and swim up bar, and good food at lunchtime. And the best bartender, Jheneal (sp?). We spent most of our vacation on SSB and met some really wonderful people. Can't wait to go back!

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    CTI Tower Island is the most private place of all the resorts. It has a pool and swim up bar. The only problem is it does not have any food. (Did before) It also does not have a beach, but you can go swimming in the ocean.

    CSS Sunset beach is nice but it right next to a public beach and river. We saw kids and fisherman. They can only see you if you are in the water/front beach area. People can walk by the back of the area and see thur the trees. They do serve lunch and has a swim up bar. It has a big pool and a hot tub.

    CN AN area is located on a public walking beach and one building looks down on it. It has a bar
    Irie Mon

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    These are pictures of CSS/ SSB, the pool, the bar after 5 and the beach.
    We had the best time ever!!!
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    Thanks to everyone who replied! This gives me a good idea of what CSS is like. Sounds like this is the next place to try. CatandEd, congrats and have fun on your honeymoon! Bearso, I am extremely envious of your trip that's right around the corner.
    Island Girl

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