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    Default Favian & Johnny 07/07/2011

    Couples Tower Isle-the best and most beautiful resort of all

    We enjoyed every moment of our experience here in Jamaica. We made so many friends, and ate at so many different places. "Mom's Resturant" is highly recommended. Everyone at the resort made our special day grand. I'm sure you can tell by the photos.

    Special Thanks:

    Latoya-wedding coordinator-You were the best. I never had t oworry about a thing, and you made every step of my wedding run so perfectly. I felt like this was something off a television show. I had a real celebrity wedding in Jamaica because of you. The reception that you planned for us afterwords was incredible. I couldnt have planned it any better myself. You made it happen girl!

    Digital Memories Collection-photographer and videographer-All I can say is, Oh my God!!! From the day you showed us the shots, to us making it home and showing our family, until now I am so pleased with your work. Diana and Richard are the best photgraphers in Jamaica. My family that couldnt make the trip still felt like they were at the wedding because of your detailing in the shots, and your specialized videography. You captured every moment that needed to be cpatured that day. I wish I could upload all 350 photos, but that would take all day. Every single photo was the perfect shot and captured our beautiful environment. Everyone wants me to submit the photos for modeling. Thanks for making me look so FABULOUS!!
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    What a BEAUTIFUL bride!!

    we are getting married at CTI next month! Any tips for future brides? Did you forget anything?

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    Beautiful thanks for sharing

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    Beautiful. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing.

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    You were a stunning bride.

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    Bring a video camera so that those moments can be captured. I tried to record as much as I could for our family that couldn't make it. I enjoy watching our wedding day up until we had the ceremony. Great photographer, because everyone pictures didn't look like ours.

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    Congratulations!! You're a beautiful bride!

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