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    So we leave for our weddingmoon in a little over a month (34 days to be exact but who's counting lol) and I'm wondering if any past brides can give me any information on last minute things I need before I leave. Should I bring cash and if so how much? I'm interested in getting fake lashes. I know the salon does them but can they do individual lashes and what do I need to bring with me other than the lashes? How much does it cost to get my dress and my fiancee linen suit steamed? I know its a lot of questions but I'm starting to get anxious. Any info, suggestions, comments whatever will help. Thanks in advance

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    First off, RELAX!!!! The resort makes sure your day goes well. We got married at CSA and it couldn't have been more wonderful!

    To answer some of your questions, yes you should bring cash. You'll want to buy souvenirs and do excursions. Buying from the locals will require cash and make sure you have small bills.

    From what I have read on the boards, it is pretty expensive to get your wedding attire steamed. When we were there, we met a couple who spend almost $200 for that and their outfits were pretty simple looking when she showed us a photo. I actually ironed/steamed my dress and the hubby's outfit myself.

    Good luck with everything! Don't worry, everything will be fine!!!! Enjoy

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    My dress was chiffon so it didn't wrinkle at all but I was told from Bridal shop to just hang it in the bathroom like IcedCoffee said. My husband wore linen pants and ironed them myself.

    I just paid for everything on my debit card accept tipping the minister.

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    Bring plenty of cash, but get it switched to Jamaican dollars at the airport so u get 85 cents to a dollar instead of 83 or 80 at the resort or in town. Best advice trust me.. wish I knew this because I bought a lot of stuff and we ate in town at Moms resturant. Great food!!

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    we used USD for everything. I had made envelopes for every payment that I would have to make. example wedding charges to room, tip for minister etc. After my meeting with Karla I paid for the wedding extras right away. I did not want that kind of cash sitting around even thou it was in the safe. She had no problem with me paying for it right away.

    If you buy anything in town, they tend to give you your change in Jamaican dollars. But price it in USD.

    I took alot of small bills $1 for tipping, 5's and 10's and 20's I used 50's to pay for the large purchases (wedding extras, any excursions)

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    What did you tip the minister, salon, massages. etc.?

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    We gave the minister $25.00 , for massages I think we gave 10.00 to each girl, steel drum band 20.00 each, videographer 20.00 and the wedding coordinator we gave a gift of bath stuff which I am sure she gets alot of.

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    Thanks you all for all the advice! We leave in 13 days and we are getting more excited with every passing day! I'm just trying to gather as much information as I can that may help us out as well as the other people that are coming along with us. Please let the info keep coming in, all of it is helpful!

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