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    Default S customer looking to try couples

    What resort is the best? We have been to almost every S at least once and are looking to try couples. Which resort do most people like the best and why?

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    We were S customers who switched to Couples with this last trip. We made the switch for a variety of reasons. I chose Couples Negril because of the size and beach. Wanted the transition to be stress free as I did not know what to expect having only been to the S resorts. So we opted for the smaller resort. We are going to Swept Away next. Booked the beachfront suite for our next trip. We did a trading places to see Swept Away while we were at CN. If you prefer small I would say CN if you before a larger resort CSA. I can't speak for the Ochi resorts as we have not been to those yet. The Couples staff is second to none. We had an amazing time . My SO said he wished we had discovered Couples 1st. It is more laid back than the S chain and there is no one in your face pushing you to buy or do anything. No matter which of the 4 you choose you will have a great time. Look a the pictures on the web. It is true what they say one will call to you more than the others. My goal is try all 4!

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    Boy howdy, you're gonna get all kinds of answers from people that love all 4 of the resorts so thinking you might want to consider what is most important to you and start with there!! I love the beach with everyone on it and I love vendors and I really just love the more the merrier so I know that Negril was our choice but actually we have made reservations to stay at all 4 resorts while we are there but have 25 nights booked too so that shoudnt be hard to do!
    We are getting married at CSA and then going to CN for our last week in Jamaica and I feel(just my feeling) that we save the best for last(the Negril side)! Good luck with everything!

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    Couples has one level of service and it's the best! As for which of the Couples is the best, well that depends on what you want in your vacation and the answers here will be varied. They are all unique in what they offer. We like CTI and we have been to two "S" resorts. We just returned from our 5th visit to CTI.

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    Lots of threads on this forum comparing resorts as well as lots of reviews. You don't say which S resort you like and why and that might be helpful in getting a recommendation. Just as S resorts are not created equal, each Couples has a unique vibe and style.

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    It varies by who you talk to. We like Sans Souci, but it was the one that called to us when I started researching. The grounds at Sans Souci is beautiful. To me the feel is like a villa rather than a "resort". The long sandy beach is not a must for us.

    I would suggest just checking out the sections on the website about each, read the board, and one of them will keep "calling" to you. The one you always go back to check out is probably the one you want. However, I don't think you can go wrong with any one of them.

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    If you have read any of these message boards, each one calls the person for some reason or another. As much as I loved CSS, I felt my need for sand and beach has us coming back to Negril this year. First was CSA for medical reasons,(knee replacement), now we are trying CN. As you probably have compared your S resorts, people will compare their Couples resorts. Read all you can here and visit each site and see what one keeps bringing you back.

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    Welcome S Couple, I know that you will be a repeat Couples Couple once you've visited . We've been to three of the four Couples Resorts and loved them all. Our personal preference would be Couples Negril. The beach is beautiful, the resort is lovely and everything is centrally located. We found that CN seemed to be a more social atmosphere as well, because of the fact that everything is centrally located, you run into the same guests everyday. The beach at Swept Away is also just as lovely, but Swept Away is more spread out. It's just a matter of personal preference....
    Irie ,
    (Ladydia) Dianna

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    Swept Away has the best beach on Jamaica and the most food choices of all. Saving for trip #5!!!

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    Used to be an 'S' patron but then tried CSA & fell in love ... The next year we tried CN & REALLY fell in LOVE LOVE LOVE ... Have also tried CSS ... CN is where our heart is & where we call "home" ... Can't beat the beach, the pool/pool bar area or the staff. You won't be headin' back to the 'S' resort .... so just kiss those signature points good-bye.

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    Couples has been our home when it was Tower Isle, Couples Ocho Rios, and now CTI. It has evolved through many renovations, inclluding the new multimillion dollar facelift of three years ago, but has never lost that special, magical ambience it had on our first visit in 1971. Next month will mark our 75th. visit to a Couples Resort (73 at CTI).

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    Need some more info on what you guys like to do most.....give us your top 5 things that are most important to you and we can give you the right advice!

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    There is just no right answer for everyone here. Each of the resorts is different, with its own character and charm. The basics are the same though, no matter where you go. The staff is incredible and will stop at nothing to make you feel like you are "home", the rooms are comfortable, the food and drinks are top notch, the inclusions are unbeatable, and the views are spectacular! If you have been to the "S" resorts in Jamaica, then you have a pretty good idea of what the different areas are like (Negril vs Ocho Rios). I would really just suggest looking through as many photos as you can and maybe view some videos of each resort on You Tube. One resort will speak to you, and that is where you should go. If more than one speaks very loudly and you have some time, you may consider doing a split stay.

    Mark & April
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    That would depend on how you quantify "Best" whether it be relaxation on the beach, drinks at the swim up bar, workout friendly, night-life, or simple quiet. Each resort has it's own distinct personality.

    My wife and I prefer CSA for its workout facilities, its long stretch of gorgeous beach and the variety of dining choices. The layout of the resort and its sprawling garden areas and quiet paths, the good food and great staff make it the best for US.

    As you look through past and present threads on the board here I am sure you will see 100 different opinions on the resort that people feel is at the top of their list, you just need to determine what is best for you and go for it.

    But don't expect an "S" experience as it simply cannot hold a candle to the Couples resort we call home.

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    We like CSA because of the beach location and the rooms. Prefer the BFVS room because they are right on the beach and have huge verandahs for chillin and watchin the sunset Food is also outstanding here! Use to be diehard S fans...... that changed after our first stay with Couples! More all inclusive amenities at any room rate, not just concierge or "honeymoon" package!!!!

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    Its really about your personality and what you are looking for. You are going to have A LOT of different opinions cause everyone has their favorite. But ALL of them are amazing. We prefer CSA for every reason:
    1. The staff is AMAZING!!!
    2. The food/restaurants are AMAZING!!
    The resort is very laid back and everyone is treated equal no matter what room category you are in
    4. Did I mention the staff is AMAZING!!! AND THE FOOD!!! The long open beach that we can walk and feel and see some of the jamaica culture without having to actually leave the beach. We have actually made friends with some of the locals down the beach.
    5. Bungalow style rooms that have a great tropical feel
    6. The Romance Rewards we get for being repeaters to the resort. Its Couples way of saying Thanks You, they appeciate us, and want and welcome us back.
    7. It really does feel more like a second home rather than some huge resort where you are just a room number. You build relationships with guests (some we see every year which is so great) and with staff who remember you make an effort to make a personal connection with you.
    8. They are for real when they say "all inclusive". There is nothing hidden..its for real.
    9. I can go on... and on... and on... lol

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    "Which one is best"? That will depend on who you ask. You see, we all have our favorites. For us, CTI has been our resort of choice. In 111 days, we will return for our 32 visit. So you can see that if I tell you which one is best, I may be just a bit bias.
    The four Couples properties are as different from each other as they can be. Each one has its own vibes, and each has a rythm that is unique.
    Now as different as these four ladies are, there are also some wonderful similarities. The first one that comes to mind is the staff. Regardless of the resort, the staff will make you feel very special. They are bright, competent, hard working individuals. Many of us think of them as "family". We keep in touch with them thrugh e-mail, phone calls and messages delivered by other guests that we know that will be there ahead of us.
    Before the end of the first day, you will know what I mean.

    Also at each oasis, you will find that the food, drinks, deserts, and so much more will be first class.

    The best advise I can give you is to look at the virtual tour of all four resorts. Read some of the posts from people from different resorts. It won't take you long to decide. We always tell people that "one of the places will speak to you". But the nicest thing about your final decision is, you can't go wrong. Right now, for you, there is no "best". Only what others may tell you. By the time you return from your first visit, you may have found your "best" too.

    Be prepared for an experience that you will remember for a very, very long time. The ad for Jamaica says, "Once you go, you know". That just about says it all.

    Welcome to the family.


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