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    Default Countdown clock on desktop

    A couple of years back I had a countdown clock that someone had found. I need it once again for we are going again in November of this year.

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    Quick Google search turned up several hits. How about this one?

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    Here is a list of free countdown clock app's on CNET - I use the first (TimeLeft).

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    Hi csaandcountingdown,
    I use time left, I think the website is

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    I googled "countdown clock" and downloaded one of the many free ones that come up. After booking our first trip last March, I just had to know exactly how many minutes until were departed for paradise. I hate wishing away the summer, but really can't wait to get to CN in October

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    This is a built in gadget in Windows 7. Right click on an empty space on your desktop and Click "Gadgets". The gadget is called "Countdown to anything"

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    I'm using a Win7 Gadget called, simply enough, "Countdown." Set a date (and time if you like) and it starts counting down. You can also give it a name, and have multiple copies running with different countdowns...

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    Phantim3 is what i use. easy to insert your own skins for the clock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue and Randy View Post
    Phantim3 is what i use. easy to insert your own skins for the clock.

    +1 on this one
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