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    Default CSA - Holloween & Returning Guests Supper

    This year the Returning Guests Supper is the same night as Halloween. Normally we stay 10 - 14 days so have the opportunity to go to both. This year our visit only covers the one Monday.

    We have been threatening friends that we would compete in the Haloween Costume event. Got all the ideas to make up the costumes, and suddenly realized the clash of the day.

    Anyone any idea if the costume competition is being delayed a little to allow the returning guests to participate and still attend the Supper?

    October can't come soon enough!!!

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    Ian and Lesley! This is April and Chad!!! Are we the friends you threatening? HAHAHA! We have the same issue cause we get there on the 28th and leave the 7th.. so we only have 1 monday. If the timing does not allow us to do both we are going to skip the repeaters dinner this year. We just love Halloween too much to skip it! We have been working on costume ideas for a few months... we have to live up to last years! haha! Cant wait to see you guys!!! Chad will be just back from Afghanistan so it will be great to have a much needed drink with some great friends!

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