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    Default Only 4 days and STRESSING!!!

    My wife and I are supposed to leave for CSA on Saturday, but we are having trouble getting her renewed passport. We have now sent them 3 copies of our marriage certificate. They say they did not get the first 2, but we now know they have it. We need it Friday, so that we can catch our Saturday morning flight. We have been planning this trip for 2+ years. They have told us there is nothing we can do, but wait it out. Any suggestions or prayers would help

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    You can go to a regional passport office and have it taken care of same day. There's a list of physical offices on their website - hopefully one is close by. I had some problems obtaining mine but it was my picture they wouldn't accept. They sent back 3 pictures saying my facial features weren't distiguishable enough. And it was the US Post Office taking the picture! I finally went to Wolf Camera and had a 4th picture done and they accepted it. Try to go to a passport office and have it taken care of. Praying for you!

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    OMG b-dog79 I hope and pray that you get that passport in time and I think you should take Laura and Paul's advice and see if you can find somewhere close by that you can have it done in a day! Good luck and wishing you the best!!

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    O gosh... I wish I had some good advice. I'm sure you are stressed. Did you go through a ta? If so they may be able to make adjustments to your travel. SOmething similar happened to us and we were not able to get on the flight. Our travel agent took care of all the travel issue while we took care of the travels documents and 3 days later we were back on a flight like we didnt miss a beat. If you went through Couples I'm sure if you call them they would work with you also. I always tell newlywed brides not to change their name until after the honeymoon or near future traveling. Keep us all updated on how this works out.

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    ya mon hope it all works out!!!
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    Thanks for the info. We heard from the passport agency today and it is on its way. Will arrive on Thursday for our Saturday trip. Yay!!!!!!!!

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    So glad for you. Have a great time!

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    We are very happy to hear that all worked out for you. And, thank you for the post!! I'm betting that I'm not the only person that checked our passport expiration dates!!!

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    Oh that is sooooo great to hear!!! You're there now so hoping you have a great time!!

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