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    Default Repeater's Dinner at CN

    Can anyone tell me if the Repeater's Dinner at CN held at Lychee or Otaheite? We will be there at this very moment next week!! WooHoo!!

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    It is now held at Lychee.

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    Lychee on Monday evening

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    Have a great trip Jamaicanushappy!!!

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    The repeater dinner was held at Otaheite (or outside of it in some cases) until early this year.
    It is now held in Lychee.

    Have a great trip.

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    We just returned from CN on Sunday. The repeaters dinner was held at Lychee.

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    We were there in April of this year and it was held in Lychee because it is larger. Food was wonderful.

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    Lychee...with cocktails and apps upstairs in the piano bar. As always, a wonderful experience.

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    Did they have the regular Lychee menu? My wife loves it there but I go hungry so we only eat there one night.
    Captain Jim
    "I will grow old....
    But I won't grow up"

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    we will be arriving on the 21st of aug this will be our second trip to couples and we would like to know how one gets to be invited to this event any help would be most welcome

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    Captain - no Lychee menu at the repeaters dinner. It is a menu specially prepared by the chef specifically for the repeaters dinner.

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    jtirelnd ,if you are a returning guest to a Couples resort, you should receive an invitation to the dinner. It is then your responsability to confirm that you will be attending. Thank you to all who responded to my question. We have never eaten at Lychee, so we are really looking forward to it. We have heard nothing but rave reviews about the food!! 3 more days...woohooo!!!

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    I too, would like to know if the menu includes regular Lychee fare ... it is our very favorite resturant at CN and if they have Lychee menu items to choose from (and those delicious Lychee martinis) it might make us rethink our decision to skip the repeaters dinner at our return home for the fourth time next April.

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    You have now met the qualifications and should receive an invitation shortly after you arrive. If you don't get one soon, let them know and you can RSVP at the desk where you make your reservations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
    Did they have the regular Lychee menu? ...
    It is similar to the menus when it was held at Otaheite; not the Lychee menu. The Lychee Head Chef (Arturo sp??) told us that he had nothing to do with the repeater dinner.

    Misja read the menu in the past and, we believe, was running the dinner prep. In February, now that Misja has left, Andre (temporarily handling Misja's duties) read the menu, so perhaps he is running the dinner prep.

    Quote Originally Posted by jtireland View Post
    ... we would like to know how one gets to be invited to this event ...
    As long as they know you are a repeater (which should happen if you are in the romance rewards program, but you can also check the box on the check-in card), you should get an invite card in your room. If you do not by Monday AM, you can remind the Guest Relations desk.

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    Default too bad

    I'm not too happy about the move. Not really fond of oriental food

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    jtireland - if you aren't signed up for Romance Rewards, sign up now! If you are, then when you "pre-check in" on the website Couples will know as this also allows you to select your repeaters gift. You can also mention it when you check in at the hotel, we did this but still had to talk to the reservation desk for the invitation to the repeaters dinner. Looks like we'll see you at dinner! CN 8-25 through 9-3.

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    You just have to be a repeat guest.

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    The food at the repeaters dinner is not oriental. You do not have a menu to choose from and the food is not from Lychee's menu. If you would like to eat off Lychee's menu you will have to go on a night other than Monday when they are open.

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    We just attended our first repeaters dinner in early July and it was wonderful! Not anywhere near the regular Lychee menu. We had some kind of salmon appetizer that was great...some kind of soup that was good ( i tried several soups at several restaurants so i have no clue what it was...maybe had pumpkin in it?) then the main course was maybe a beef tenderloin (not sure) and was ready to eat, thank goodness. I was worried for a minute because I had no clue how to eat a lobster Enjoy

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