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    Default CSS deluxe ocean verandah

    booked the deluxe ocean verandah for our honeymoon in January. we really wanted a larger outdoor sitting space so I'm assuming this was a good choice, yes?? Also can anyone comment on how good of views these rooms have? thanks in advance!!

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    any comments?

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    Had one of these in October 2010 and loved it! We had a great view from of the ocean from the large balcony. The living area was huge and the only slight disappointment (for my wife, not me) was the size of the bathroom. It was quite small but on reflection not a great issue for us. On the balcony we had a double lounger and a table to seat four people (I think we were in G9 but cannot be sure!)

    Have a fantastic honeymoon. We shall be there from the 26th November to 10th December and feel tingly about it already!

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    We had one in 2009 in D block. We loved the room but the balconies in the D block are not the large balconies. I believe none of them in the other blocks are larger balconies. We had had an One Bedroom Ocean Suite the year before, also in D and I initially was disappointed because I thought it would be a large balcony, but we didn't use it much, and the location in D was great. If the balcony is the smaller, just check with the desk and politely ask for a room with a larger balcony.

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    Default Thanks for the info

    We're making another trip to CSS and have used the beachfront suites before. Looking out over the gala is great fun, but we tried a ocean view veranda (?) this time. Can't tell much from the resort pix, but we love a balcony in the evenings and need a measurable walk to the beach, etc. to make me feel better about too much food & drink. I saw an earlier post that said something about all of these type rooms on the ground floor. the only thing I remember aboutr ground floor is the rooms on the beach...everything else was up on the hill. Love being up with a view and privacy. At CSA we were on the beach, 3rd floor and it was more than we dreamed of. Kinda country bumpkins, but it doesn't seem to matter to anyone at the Couples brand.

    Anyway, we are stoked about our trip in Dec, will be looking for a golf buddy soon (wife wants a shopping buddy) and spending the summer building up my Red Stripe Immunity (RSI) for the Dec. trip.

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    We had a deluxe ocean verandah and were on the top floor of G block, which is right at the top of the property, to the right of the lobby. We had a sweeping view over the property and the bay. Incredible. It was a long walk up from the beach, but the view was worth it, and it helped walk off all that great food. Plus the elevator is quite handy.
    We had an enormous balcony with an assortment of furniture... table, chairs, lounger, sofa, coffee tables. The bathroom was plenty large enough and even had a view.
    So if this sounds good, when you get there, see if maybe you can get a room at the top of G block.

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