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    Default Swept Away or Negril

    We would like to stay 4 nights at each. which should we stay at first. Have never stayed at either before.

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    I dont think it really matters where you stay first, they are both very close to each other in location and they are both amazing.

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    Go for it is all I can say!!! Never been there but staying at all 4 next year in 1 trip!!

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    Stay at Negril first, save the best for last...

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    The bus stops at CN first, so.....

    They are only a few miles apart.

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    either way ots all good....
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    If you are ready for a party, go to CSA....amazing! If you would rather relax...CN. Depends on your personality. I honestly remember the resteraunts above all at CN and the spa at CSA...If I had it to do over..I dont think I could choose! Good luck!

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    Stay at CN first & you'll be asking if you can just stay the entire 8 days there ..... You're not gonna want to move after that short amount of time.

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