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    Default 499 Days left.......

    Only 499 days left until paradise! woohoooo! I know it sounds like a long time and it is but by golly we started with 627 days so by gosh we are making progress!!!! I guess no reason to do a dance yet huh? LOL!
    hey I have a question for Randymon or whomever can answer the question.......
    I have been wondering lately where Randymon lives? I have always assumed he lived at one of the resorts but maybe he lives Stateside? Was just wondering what's the odds of meeting him while we are there!
    Not stalking...just curious so dont worry Randymon!! haha

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    At least you have a total dream trip to look forward to! Your enthusiasm will get you through it, I'm sure. 499 bottles of sunscreen on the wall, 499 bottles of sunscreen, take one down, apply it around, 498 bottles of sunscreen on the

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    the days are melting away!!! ya mon soonceome dec 2012!!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    OMG are soooo funny!! Thanks for the morning laugh!! I was singing the song but somehow my words was Red Stripe bottles of beer on the wall instead of sunscreen but again loving your song!! LOL

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    Red stripe works too. We could also substitute complaints here!

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    I like your idea but I am much better on beer then liquor.......TRUST ME!!! lol
    I think I'm great on jaeger and rockstar but my fiance thinks differently!! haha
    Matter of fact I told him that I was packing that in my suitcase but guessing if
    I want to get married on that trip, I better leave it at home but it's kinda like Red Bull......
    It gives me wings! hahahahahahahaha

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