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    Default Super Excited!! 18 days Left....

    Hi my husband and I will be staying at CN in about 3 weeks. We are super excited....We are a younger couple that have not ever been out of the country.....any suggestions?? I am very nervous about the whole trip. I need details.....everyone is so elaborate on here so I just need someone to explain to me how the whole customs thing works?? What can you bring back with you?? What do you all recommend for my husband to take to wear?? Hope to hear some feedback!!! 18 DAYS!!!!

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    Well Cbitela congrats honey and you'll have a great time! Dont worry about really is a breeze! you can only bring back so much in alcohol, cigs and diamonds or jewelry but other then that you can bring back pretty much whatever you want.....sorry no fruits but plenty of t-shirts and fun stuff will not be a problem! Dont be nervous girl, there is nothing to be nervous about!! You'll have a great time!!

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    Fill out the paperwork they give you on the plane (bring a blue pen with you for this). Get off the plane...pick up your luggage...follow the crowd to customs, pick a lane, smile, say hi, leave customs, and go into the Couples Lounge. Get on the bus, enjoy the ride, and then be amazed at the warmth of the welcome at CN! The lobby is just the most amazing thing and once you set your feet down you'll understand - and every little worry will float away!

    As for packing, you didn't say how long your stay was, so I'll assume 7 days as a nice average. You'll need sunscreen, at least three swimsuits each (they don't dry quickly in the humidity), cover ups (or a tshirt for the guy), and a few rounds of evening attire. You don't have to get super formal, but stepping it up from the average beach wear is preferred (think sundresses etc. for you and hawaiian style or golf style shirts for guys). If you chose to dine at Otehite (which I highly recommend) you'll need a nicer dressy outfit (a dress or slacks/nice top for the lady and slacks with a collared shirt for the guy). You can make reservations for this restaurant once you arrive at the resort and have a room number. You'll most likely spend your days in the swimsuits and unless you have any off-property plans you won't need much in the way of shorts/tanks - but I always pack at least two sets just in case!

    Bring some singles and fives for tipping non-Couples employees (ie, the bus to/from the resort, the catamaran cruise, and vendors), remember a camera and toss in a waterproof disposable if you can. Maybe some books or music or whatever form of lounging entertainment you prefer. It's really a no-brainer vacation that you can pull off with a minimum of things. Most important, though, bring a smile because you'll need it to express the joy of your vacation!

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    pack half of what you think youll need as you are in your swim attire everyday all day until dinner
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    Thank you all so much....this really helps ease my worries!! 11 more days and I'll be one happy person!!

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