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    Default Recent trip to CSA

    Back a couple days now from another FANTASTIC stay at CSA. A little background ... This is my husband and I's 7th trip to CSA, also have stayed at CSS and CTI. We normally go in December and always stay in an Atrium Suite, this year we had to postpone our trip,actually we had to postpone it 3 times so we were really ready to get back to CSA!

    No Atriums were available when we booked so I hesitantly booked a Garden Verandah Suite. I will admit I was a little worried that I"d be disappointed with this room. But..I loved our GVS! And this is from a die hard Atrium fan, I mean, I almost didn't book CSA because an Atrium wasn't available.The front desk was very accommodating on putting us in a 2nd floor room in the original section right near where we normally stay in our Atrium . I'd have no problem staying in that same room again. The only real difference(other than the stated glass instead of screens,tvs,and different furniture on verandah) is that the bathroom had a glass ceiling cutting it off to the rest of the room, so it wasn't open like the Atriums. I"m really not sure why they did that, maybe to make all the verandah rooms more similar.. I dont know? And I did hear more road noise when we were sitting on the verandah, but nothing that bothered us or kept us awake, I actually don't think I heard it while in the room.

    The main differences from our usual December trip is it was a little warmer in the evenings,the water was a little wamer and we did find the age demographics definitely skewed younger than in December. Also, I think there was a greater mix of nationalities, not as heavily American as in December. At least that was our impression.
    This was a short 4 night stay,( we spent 3 nights at Idle Awhile first) so we spent most of our time just relaxing and enjoying being back. Floating was about as far as we got for activity. This was the first time we didn't even cross the street to the Sports Complex. And didn't even feel guilty about it! We had breakfast at the Palms everyday, lunch at Seagrape, Patio or Palms, and dinner 2x at Lemongrass and 2x at Feathers. All great!
    I also have to say that we felt the service was better than ever. Really! My husband and I are easy to please, and never had a problem in any of our trips with the service or with some little "quirks" but honestly this trip there seemed to always be someone asking if we needed anything. There was a difference.
    Oh and no problem getting chairs in the sun or shade any time of the day. We'd start on the beach by the beach bar in the orginal seciton in the morning and then move later in the day down by the Greathouse.Never a problem. Though the beach down by the Greathouse is a lot smaller than it use to be . Seems some areas of the beach got larger some smaller. All good.
    To sum it up... Swept Away is better than ever and I'm already counting down the days until our 8 night stay in December!

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    Glad you had another AWESOME trip!! We keep telling all of our friends the same thing that every trip gets BETTER and BETTER!!

    Dec soonceome
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
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    mshell, Sounds like you had a great trip and thanks for the review! What dates do you go to CSA in Dec?
    We are booked for CSA Dec 9th thru the 16th of 2012 and was wondering if you were there around those same dates?
    glad you had a great time and I cant wait for my first experience!

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    Happy to read you enjoyed. God we miss CSA even though we were just there in June! Razzl

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    So tell us mshell.... how was IdleAwhile?

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    The only real difference(other than the stated glass instead of screens,tvs,and different furniture on verandah) is that the bathroom had a glass ceiling cutting it off to the rest of the room, so it wasn't open like the Atriums. I"m really not sure why they did that, maybe to make all the verandah rooms more similar

    I will be traveling to CSA for the first time in 12 days for my honeymoon! Can you elablorate on how the bathroom was? Did you have a shower/tub combo or just a shower? Bathrooms are important for my future wife and I. Do you know the difference in GVS in the old section as opposed to the new section? If you have any pictures of your room (bathroom but any pics of the room will do) that would be great! If you don't want to share them on here and would rather email, you could email them to me at



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    soonerfans~ we're going the first week of December this year but we have gone on your same dates in the past. It's a great time to go! We always had good weather(keeping fingers crossed that trend continues)and CSA is decorated for Christmas by then. Really special. If it wasn't for our family I'd love to stay at CSA over the whole Christmas holiday. Maybe someday.

    Chris~ My husband and I loved Idle Awhile. We've stayed at a number of different non ais on the beach and took a look at many others and Idle Awhile is hands down the best! Of course, me being an Atrium loving CSA fan, my opinion may be a little biased The rooms and grounds are so similar to CSA that its hard to tell the difference between them on our vacation pictures. The staff and food are top notch too. And they have floaties! It's a great add on to a stay at CSA. Notice I said add We've gone to Negril a few times in June and only stayed at a small boutique hotel and I always looked at CSA longingly as we were walking by. This time I knew I could enjoy "off campus" and still have our time at CSA to look forward to. Perfect! Will be going back.

    greenieboy~ No tubs, just walk in shower. And to tell you the truth I can't remember if the shower stall was separate or if it was all open to the rest of the room and the floor just sloped. The Atrium rooms, Idle Awhile and the Garden Verandah(original section) all had very similar bathrooms and I can't remember which was which. The glass ceiling was the only thing I noticed that was different. I meant to take a picture of the bathroom but I don't think I did. I'll try to post a pic of the room. I haven't posted pictures since they changed the format of the board so not sure if I"ll succeed. If not I"ll email you. And I'm sorry I can't compare them to the newer sections GVSs. Even though the new section rooms are nice and it seems the GVSs there are an easy walk to the beach, for me it wouldnt be the same Swept Away if we weren't in the original section.We were even given an upgrade once to a beachfront verandah room and turned it down. But of course, thats a personal preference. If our first stay was in the the newer section I"m sure I would of loved it.

    No matter how many times we go to CSA it never fails to meet or exceed my expectaitons. This trip was a little different than most. It's been a really tough year, a lot of sadness and stress(hench the 3 postponements) and I was afraid that Swept Away, (and Negril in general) wouldnt' have the same effect on me, but... thankfully it's still the one place that brings me a sense of peace and total contentment. I think some here on the board understand what I"m saying. It's not just a vacation. I"m so grateful to have it to return to. December soon come.

    hope this isn't a double post, my last attempt went "poof"

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    greenieboy~ I tried to email you pictures of our garden verandah suite but the email came back to me. I'll try posting them on here again.

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    Thanks mshell! I appreciate it! If you have no luck you can try

    I also have a 2nd question. When looking at the 360 degree view they have 2 pictures of the GVS. I think the picture with the red/brown floor is the old section? Can you confirm? There was no tv in the room however it says there is in the room description.

    Thanks again!

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    Mark~ I"m not sure what 360 pictures you mean. The only one I can find of the GVS room is of one of the newer rooms. But your right, the "older" section has the brownish red tile floors. I"m going to try to post a picture of our room here. I"ll also post a link to my flickr site. There's some pictures of our room in the Negril 11 set
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    Thanks for the pictures! Based on what I am looking at I am going to try and request the old section 2nd floor! If you follow the link below I BELEIVE this is the GVS in the new section.

    When you get to that link click on the screen until you get your toolbar to show up. In the upper left hand corner there is a drop down. Click there. You will see there are 2 GVS's. If you click the GVS below the Atrium suite I believe that is the old section.

    My only concern with the old section is... where is the TV? Looking at your picture you posted I can't tell if that is a mirror or flat screen TV on the wall? If that is a mirror where is the TV located?

    Sorry for pestering you! Thank you again for all your help! Leaving for Pittsburgh Airport in 5 Days 13 Hours 58 Minutes 33 secs!!!!!

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    greenieboy~ No problem answering your questions, happy to help! Yes, there's a tv. Thats it on the wall across from the bed. I saw the picture you were talking about, and your right, the second gvs listed is an original room.
    As I said, I love the original section but I just want you to be aware that the rooms are a little "rustic" especially the bathroom. By that I mean the finishing work isn't perfect and some areas look a little "worn" For us thats not an issue and is part of the charm but some people might not view things the same way. Hope I didn't just confuse you more. lol Really the rooms are fine..just don't expect perfect.
    Have a great trip! You picked the perfect place for a honeymoon!

    Also.. try for a corner room if you want more shutters and more of a view from your verandah

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    Thanks for the skinny on IdleAwhile... I've had an eye on that one for a while, myself; but friends of ours are looking for someplace to take their family in 2012 for their 40th anniversary; we're talking two adult children, their spouses and three grandkids total... whadaya think? Would this be up their alley?

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    Chris~ I think Idle Awhile would be perfect for your friends. We just had an ocean view room, but they also have suites that would be good if there are kids sharing a room, I think they may even have small kitchens(not sure). I don't know how old the grandkids are but there were a few families there with toddlers and I commented to my husband how it was such an "easy" place to stay with kids. Its small,has a great beach, and they even have sand toys available! The location is also in easy walking distance to restaurants etc.. I have 3 sons,(2 are married) and my husband as I are always saying we'd love to bring them to Negril someday. Swept Away would be our first choice ,but if grandkids are invovled..none yet Idle Awhile would be our second choice for a family vacation. Now I just have to win the lottery! lol

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    mshell -

    Thanks for the feedback! A surprise coming for my wife... the friends I'm referring to are my wife's long time school chums (we're all in our late 50's). What she doesn't know is that they will be meeting up with us at SweptAway during our stay this October! I guess we'll have to take a walk over to IdleAwhile during our stay and take a tour.

    Thanks again!

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