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    Alas, still 156 days away from my Negril home.

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    Maybe I can find someone in here.....lolz

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    Randymon, just booked CN Dec. 11-18 as a surprise for my wife's 50th bday. It's been 4 yrs. since we've been "home" at CN, I can't wait! 79 days and we'll be there. We did CSS in '08, but have been smitten with CN, nothing compares. C'mon December.

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    Couples Tower Isle is my HOME...I dream of it everyday and night!!

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    Heading to our newest home in a few days...CTI. Visited CN years ago and loved it.

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    Default Bliss

    Quote Originally Posted by lucky71 View Post
    Recent visit to Couples Negril:
    My wife and I recently vacationed at Couples Negril. We visited between July 3rd thru July 8th. Our visit was tremendous! Our experience was delightful and refreshing. At the time we visited our marriage was rocky at best and needed a new life. We have been married for 17 years. This "couples only" atmosphere enables an environment that forces a couple to spend relaxing quality time together away from the stresses of everyday life. It was a well needed jolt of togetherness and has rejuvenated a connection that I did not expect. If you are researching a vacation spot for you and your partner then for sure give this place a chance. You will be glad you did. During your visit make sure you visit the swim-up bar and Have Mr. Franklin make you a "Bacardi Cocktail" or 3.
    I think I can speak for my hubby and I and go as far to say that we consider CN or any of the couples resorts to be an investment to the stability and passion that we have in our marriage! Its much cheaper than a divorce and much more effective than any marriage counseling!! I personally feel we both live for that few weeks a year when life becomes about just us and doesn't revolve around our five amazing children or work! Oh and almost forgot we also run a little league wrestling club. So this is such a treat for us! Besides who doesn't like being pampered and couples does an amazing job at that!!! Let me take a moment ang give a HUGE THANKS TO ALL THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE THAT TAKE SUCH WONDERFUL CARE OF US! THANK YOU!! Home agian CN, Nov 19-26th 2011 YEAH!!!

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    I can't wait to return home! December 1, 2012. It seems so far off but it gives me something to look forward to! Can't wait!

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    11 days to Home Sweet Home!

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    Doing the double digit dance today - only 99 long days till going home. CN is calling my name!

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