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    Default Our Wedding at Couples Negril 7-9-11

    We were married on Saturday, July 9th. The day didn't go as I had always had dreamed but it still turned out to be perfect. I'll explain why and hope that it will help other brides in the future.

    We had 28 guests that were arriving everyday the week of the 4th of July. All had great experiences being checked in and had no issues. The great thing about Jamaica is the people are so kind and welcoming and they remember everything!

    Once we left MBJ Airport we started our wet journey towards Negril. We were arriving at the resort around the same time of our upcoming wedding, which was 4 o'clock. It rained extremely hard and all I could think was are you kidding me!? What will Saturday be like. Go back 8 months I previously had to picked to be married at 11 am but my mom gave her input and thought that having a later wedding we could then move right into a dinner reception. It was nice to have a big dinner with everyone but dry wedding would have been nice too.

    I met with Kenisha the wedding coordinator on Thursday and expressed my concern and she had suggested moving the time of the wedding but my photographer couldn't get there to accommodate so I had no choice but to take the chance and leave it at the 4 o'clock time slot. Kenisha was a great help and told me regardless it would be beautiful and all we could do was hope for the best. Obviously we can't predict the weather but to any brides out there if I could do it all over again I would have chosen a morning wedding to be on the safe side.

    Saturday came and I went to my hair appt at 1:30. Shortly after I sat down in the stylist chair it started to rain and I was relieved b/c it had rained everyday since we had been there but only for 15 -20 minutes. Well the rain never stopped! Everyone I would see would tell me it was good luck to have rain on your wedding day and that it meant we were going to have lots of kids. =/

    I went to my room to get ready and Kenisha had previously told me they would wait until 4:30 to call off the wedding outside. At 4:30 it was still spitting rain so we had no choice but to have it partially indoors. There is a section off of the front lobby that has swings. They took down all the swings and had chairs set up for my guests. It was set up very pretty and all of my guests said they liked it better then the beach. Whether they were sparing my feelings is still questionable. Ha! No looking at pictures now I think it was beautiful too.

    After the wedding we had a cake reception in the Piano Bar. Kenisha and staff did a great job accommodating my large group.

    Luckily after the cake reception we were able to go outside and take our pictures. Which made me feel 100 times better b/c having pictures on the beach was so important to me.

    We asked a local musician from the beach to come and play for the wedding. Once you arrive at Couples you will see him everyday at 11. His name is Donovan.

    He sang the following; Inside Out, One Love, and Somewhere over the rainbow. He is amazing artist.

    We also chose to have the video done and it turned out very cute. For the price you can't go wrong. My only complaint is you couldn't hear Donovan sing on the video.

    We had Stacey Clarke do our photography and she is amazing. I highly recommend her.

    I chose the Negril Bride bouquet.

    We had a section on the Casava Terrace reserved for dinner for our entire party.

    I will post a link to my facebook to some pictures our friends have taken so far. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

    It was definitely an unforgettable 10 day trip and feel truly blessed and lucky to have been able to fulfill our dream of being married in Jamaica. When we went to Jamaica 7 years ago only being 22 and 24 we vowed one day we'd come back. Little did I know it would be 7 years later but it was all worth it in the end.


    Special thanks to Glassford, Franklin, and all made our trip extra special.

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    Glad to see that your wedding still worked out! You looked lovely and it looks like it was a great time Enjoy the married life!!!

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    You looked beautiful, thanks for sharing

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    very nice pics...thanks for sharing.

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    Great wedding report, and congrats! I'm getting married Saturday July 7, 2012. You said a brief afternoon rain shower was common in the afternoons. What was the weather like the rest of the day? Humid, hot?

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    I have a 4pm time slot too and I'm worried about rain, but I also know that I with be grumpy and sleepy for the 11am time slot. lol So, I took the chance too. Your pictures DID turn out beautifully!!!

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    Yes it was very common for rain showers. It rained most of the days we were there but maybe for a 1/2 hour tops. But the day of our wedding it rained for 3 hours = /

    We live in Illinois and its very hot and humid at home...Jamaica was not that way at all...highs were 85 and no humidity. I was worried going in July it was going to be bad but it wasn't at all.

    It did typically rain between 2 and 4 on most of the days though.

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