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    Default Wedding superstistion

    Bit of an odd question, but im quite superstitious and like wedding traditions, I plan to get married at Swept away next year but was thinking of the "Its unlucky to see the groom the morning of the wedding before the ceremony" superstition. and wondered if anyone booked a seperate room for the groom the night before? or if this is possible? Just a thought.

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    We've got family coming with us so my fiance' will be sleeping with his brother in law and ill be sleeping that night with my fiance's sister. The morning of, all the girls will be at the salon and have bfast togther.. and the guys will do guy things. lol

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    My husband and I got around this by not looking at each other the morning of our wedding. He stayed in bed until I was in the shower, then he sat on out on the balcony until I left to go to my parents room. It worked well and it was kind of fun too.

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