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    Default Extending Checkout Time?

    This may be a question for Randymon or someone from Couples. We are booked at CSS next April. We just purchased our air tickets with Air Jamaica out of Phila. The flight coming home has been pushed back to leaving at 6 PM in lieu of 5 PM. We got the bus shuttle from Couples this year at 1:15 PM so I guess next year it will be 2:15 PM. Is it possible to extend our checkout time to 1 PM and what would be the charge, if applicable, so we can enjoy the beach for 1/2 the day and have our room to get showered and changed? Has anyone else ever requested this?

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    We always leave at 4:30 (again this year also). We check out at normal time, and just hang out waiting for the bus. As long as your bags are outside by checkout time, you are free to enjoy the time until you are set to leave. Don't worry, they don't kick you out. People just feel sad for you because you are obviously wearing travel clothes.

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    We did extend our check out time a few years ago when we transfered to a family resort for a family wedding. There was a nominal charge for use of a room.
    We also take that late flight on AJ. At CSA we check out and then shower at the gym across the street. At CSS, I'm not sure there are showers in the gym. When we were there last August, the bus left at 12:30 so we showered and checked out at 11 then got lunch.

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    We requested a later checkout (by an hour or two) at our last stay at CN. They were not able to accomodate it due to guests coming in. No problem, mon. We showered and got ready at the very last minute then spent the rest of our time in the gift shop, having lunch, and taking photos.

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    We've been to CSA and CSS, and based on our experience and on discussions with other guests, it is extremely difficult to get a later checkout time, in particular if the resort is at or near capacity. The logistics of cleaning the rooms simply make it too hard. Of course, it never hurts to ask. On our past few trips to CSA, we have taken TimAir back to MoBay, so we didn't need to leave the resort until 12:45. They are good about letting us keep our bags until 11:00, but then they really do want us out of the room by then. We checkout at 11:00, then head back to the beach bar and SeaGrapes for a relaxing lunch.

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    This is a really good question. I don't know the answer, but I think at CSS it would be worth it.
    At CSA we checked out late and just put our valuables and a change of clothes in lockers in the spa/fitness change room area. Then before we left we went back and had showers and got dressed to go home
    At CTI we moved from there to CSS after horseback riding, so we again left our valuables and a change of clothes (but beach clothes this time!) at the spa. After riding we had showers there. CTI has a really nice setup for this too with the steam room and counters.
    But at CSS after our seaweed wraps we used the nearby washrooms that had 1 small shower stall to rinse the seaweed off. If that's all there is, it wouldn't be great for showering before leaving. Maybe there are more showers elsewhere? Does anyone know? If not, I'd definitely see about keeping your room.

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    We had a flight that left at 7:35pm so we left resort at 3:15pm. We still had to have our bags out of room and check out at noon. This was at CN this past March.

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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    We usually have a 6 p.m. flight departing from MoBay, so we request a late check-out. Sometimes our request is granted, and sometimes it is not. Whether your request will be granted will depend upon whether the resort is full and whether your room will be needed for guests scheduled to arrive that day.

    Although Couples reserves the right to charge a late check-out fee (I think, but am not certain, that the charge is $100), we've never actually been assessed a fee when we've been granted a late check-out.
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    Brenda, We fly AJ to JFK and our flight leaves at 7:10pm. We stay on the beach till till 1:30 then go by the bathrooms between the Beach Grill and Lychee. They have a nice clean shower and towels and a small dressing room with a mirror and hair dryer. You can lock the door as it is opposite the bathroom stalls. We check out after breakfast leave our suitcase outside our room at 12 and bring our small carry on to the beach with us. After we dress we go to grab lunch and a drink. Just realized you are at CSS, we are at CN but I would assume that they have a set up like CN. Enjoy!

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    They used to have a hospitality suite that they would let people use just for that reason. When we were at CSA, we used the showers at the spa to get changed before that dreaded shuttle back to the airport.

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    Do you get your own transport to the airport or do they? Also do you use the facilities till you are ready to leave?

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