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    Default Sunset wedding pics??

    Hey everyone!! My fiance and I are planning our wedding at CSA for April 2012 at the Sunset Hour. I have seen many pictures (very beautiful) of wedding during the day....I would really like to see some sunset wedding pictures if anyone has any that they can send to me. I'm kind of worried about how they will turn out and would like to see for myself. My email address is Thank you so much for your help!!!

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    Check out the photo contest tab...a couple who got married the day after us have some photos posted. They turned out beautiful. (I believe it was for the April or May contest)

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    We had a sunset ceremony at CSA in May 2010, it was wonderful! I put a posting on the this message board earlier this year discussing our wedding, the title is "our "big" wedding at CSA 05/29/10" if you want to check it out. Also, here is a link to the pictures from our wedding day taken by the photographer that we hired, Ronald Samuels It was a tiny bit overcast the day of our wedding so i'm sure the sky looks much more beautiful on a normal day. I do not think you'll be disappointed with the sunset wedding or with your CSA wedding in general. Have an awesome time!!

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